Garden design ideas on a budget. Ideas and Inspiration

Garden design ideas on a budget. Ideas and Inspiration

Garden design ideas on a budget. Ideas and Inspiration

Everyone wants a beautiful garden, yet, not everyone could afford to spend tons of money to turn a modern garden design into reality. But who said having a stunning garden means breaking the bank? If you are seeking amazing garden design ideas on a budget, stick around, as we are here to help you transform your outdoor space with just a few affordable concepts.


Summer is coming, so we invite you to explore some of the most stunning garden designs and layouts. Look at our professional advice on how to design a garden on a budget in this article:

Design your garden

Measure your garden

Before you bring a modern garden design to life, you have to start by measuring your garden. That will help you make the most accurate plans and clearly define the size of different areas in your garden – lawn, relaxation and recreation area, eating area, veggie garden, flower garden, kids’ playground, etc.

If your garden is mid-size or large, you have a lot of space to work with, so you can be quite creative with your landscaping effort. But even if your lot is tiny, there are some small garden ideas on a budget that you should definitely check out in the next few paragraphs.

Decide what you want

To be able to pull off house garden design ideas on a budget, first, you have to know what you are going after and what you want your garden to look like. If you have no clear idea of what you want to achieve, any garden addition would look completely random and uncoordinated.


In order to make a modern garden design a reality, we advise you to think about the garden transformation in the most simple and practical way: 


What kind of colors do you want to incorporate into the landscape? Are you happy with your current plants or do you want to do a 360 on the gardening part? What kind of features do you want to keep and which ones do you ought to replace or remove? What can you do to fix the things that no longer excite you about your garden? Can you afford to make big changes to your backyard?

Take the answers to these questions into consideration and start planning with your budget in mind! 

Choose and pick appropriate plants

The next important thing to have in mind when you design your garden is to select the right plants for your green space. Don’t make this decision lightly. The worst mistake you could make is choosing greens that are not suitable for your outdoor space. There are many factors that play a role in whether a certain plant is appropriate for your garden. 


As a start, garden enthusiasts should consider the soil properties, as well as the layout of their garden to determine all the sunny, shady, and humid spots. That is because each plant needs certain conditions to grow healthy and they are different for every plant – sun exposure, watering needs, soil type, pH and drainage, climate, etc. As a gardener, your job is to provide the ideal plant development conditions.


In addition, think about the vibe of your outdoor area and your garden goals in terms of landscape and garden design. Choose plants that fit your backyard style and would utterly complement your property in the most visually pleasing way. 

Modern garden design 

Use shapes

The first of our garden design ideas on a budget is bringing shapes into your backyard, instead of settling for a boring traditional look. Get creative with proportions and form! You don’t need a lot of money to make this idea work, as you can shape up your existing plants, trees, shrubs, hedges, and even garden features, and outdoor furniture.

Here are a few affordable ideas on how to incorporate shapes into your house garden design:


  • Trim your hedges regularly to keep up a neat shape
  • Prune shrubs and tree crowns in your yard into interesting forms and figures
  • Keep up the edges of your lawn clean-cut and maintained
  • Aim for straight lines and hard or circular angles when shaping up your garden borders
  • Put standard geometrical form cushions on your outdoor furniture


Circles, rectangles, and squares are the easiest-to-achieve geometrical forms for plants – they fit formal garden designs. Irregular shapes are harder to pull off and they are more appropriate for an informal garden look.

Stick with a nude color palette 

A modern garden design is all about minimalism and the luxury aesthetics of nude colors. When it comes to garden elements, features, and furniture, sticking to the neutral palette of the beiges and browns allows your plants and greens to stand out and completely liven up your backyard and garden in the most majestic way. 

At the same time, these nude hues look very natural and earthy, so they fit perfectly into all garden designs and layouts. If you are into natural materials then wooden, bamboo, and rustic furniture, sheds, and fences would make a wonderful addition to your garden and you don’t even need to paint them to fit the nude aesthetics. For all the rest, you can simply paint away your statement garden features to adopt the budget-friendly trend. 

Add some levels

As we are exploring some of the best garden design ideas on a budget, here is a suggestion that could transform your outdoor area in an instant. Instead of letting your backyard look plain and flat, design your garden to be interesting by adding some aesthetic elevation.


A multi-leveled garden genuinely has sophisticated luxury vibes, yet, making it happen could be very budget-friendly. Splitting your garden into levels is easier than it sounds. Here are a few ideas on how to experiment with proportions and shapes to create different visual levels:


  • Plant in raised garden beds
  • Take advantage of your slope and build an elevated deck with beautiful steps or stairs leading to the top
  • Make pathways with sleek paving or gravel
  • Line any garden steps with planters
  • Border your levels with wood or stone to create an alluring drastic difference
  • When bordering with plants, the highest ones go in the back, regular greens in the middle, and small and crawling plants stay at the front – that way all your greenery is displayed.

Simple garden design 

Add a sun shade corner

Sunny gardens are great, but during the summer season, it can be unbearable to stay under the scorching sun for too long. That’s why we believe every garden needs a dedicated place where one can hide from the sun, enjoy clean air and outdoor activities, and be able to relax outside without overheating. 

A sun shade corner is a very simple and attainable garden design solution. You don’t need to buy an expensive tent or build a solid shelter. In fact, you can get the best corner shade by investing in a large umbrella or canopy.

Hang some lights

When it comes to garden design ideas on a budget, we have to recommend you to hang beautiful lighting features in your yard. While light installments could be quite expensive, that is not the case with hanging lights and lanterns. 


Not only you can put them up in just a few minutes but very often these solutions are quite affordable and energy-saving. Lanterns and hanging light features can also liven up the place by creating a mystical ambiance and making the garden more welcoming to spend time outdoors on a warm summer night.

Add color to your garden furniture

The most simple garden design idea that will save you some money and elevate the appearance of your backyard is adding colorful details to your outdoor furniture. Just make sure you are not overdoing or complicating the garden design.


Make your green space lively and stylish with patterned covers or vivid cushions for your seating area. For the wooden features and other hard-surface garden furniture, feel free to paint the features in a contrasting color to create a beautiful statement piece. 

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