How to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter

The winter is just around the corner and before you can start taking your Christmas decorations out, you need to take care of one more thing – the garden. And if you want to have it easier next year, you better look at our guide and get to work instead of leaving your garden to fend for itself. 

Wrap Up the Summer Garden Season

The weather is about to get much colder soon and you have a week or two to take a couple of hours of your weekend and invest them in the yearly garden maintenance

Clear out the compost bins

When you start sorting the yard out, you will gather a lot of material for the compost bin. At the same time, whatever is there already is well-rooted. Now, get it out and spread it all over the garden so as to protect the soil during the winter months. 

Take care of the annual plants 

The blooming plants were all so beautiful, adding color and creating a vibrant atmosphere. Their time is up, however, and in no circumstances will they survive the winter, if you just leave them where they are now. That is why, you better roll up your sleeves and dig them all out, adding them to the compost and making room for next year’s non-perennial crops. 

Do the same with the rotting ones

Perhaps you did plant a long-lasting plant a few years ago and you saw it as a permanent addition to your garden, but it has not been living up to the standards and has even started rotting. If you’ve tried rehabilitating it already, changing the soil or adding fertilizers, and you haven’t seen an improvement, now is the best time for you to dig it out and replace it. 

Collect all the falling leaves and clear the borders

Now what the autumn is famous for are the falling leaves. They are beautiful and colorful and create a vibe that makes you go on long walks and drink tea in the afternoons. It is all fun and games though until you realize that you need to rake them all up, even if they are at the borders and add them to the compost. 

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Prepare the Garden for the Spring

If you followed the above-mentioned steps, well done, you’ve completed the basics. As a smart gardener though, you should go a step further and actually make the initial preparation for next season. Here is what you can do.  

Fertilize the lawn

You’ve emptied the compost and used it to take care of the lawn, which is great. What you can do in addition is to fertilize it by supplying it with the best and most suitable nutrients. Those will support the growth and strengthen the roots and make sure your lawn will look great next season. If you’ve decided to do so, make your research and even ask a professional, because fertilizing is not that easy a task.    

Protect the young trees

The cold winter weather may not be devastating for your lawn or your perennials, but it surely would be for the young trees you’ve planted this year or the one before. And if you want to see them survive, you better do something to protect them. Two simple steps would put them on the safe sides – wrap them up through a wire netting structure to protect them from the wind and then wrap them in clear polythene to protect them from the wet weather.  

Plant your bulbs

Of course, you know that some of the best spring-flowering plants are the bulb ones and they have to be planted in the fall. The rules here are pretty clear. In-depth need to be buried 2-3 times their own size and they should be spaced out at the same distance. Pay a visit to the garden center, choose your colors, and make sure your garden will be bloomingly awesome in the spring. 

Think about the winter

The outdoor season is over and you will clearly spend much less time in the yard. Should this mean no time at all? Not necessarily, 

Plant something evergreen 

Add a new perennial to the garden. Plant something long-lasting and evergreen. Those will make your garden look more welcoming and much more exciting. 

That being said, you better not lose much more time, because winter is coming and the preparation needs to start at full speed. And if you happen to be busy right now, never hesitate to look for professional help to support you and your yard. 

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