How to transform a garden on a budget

How to transform a garden on a budget

Front garden design ideas and backyard garden designs are important for home coziness and keeping up an attractive garden space. In this article, we will show you a few ways to revive your garden design without breaking the bank. Don’t miss our professional home garden ideas


Read on and learn how easy it is to transform a garden on a budget.

How to design a garden

There are two main aspects of a sunning garden design – furniture and plants, and they are the perfect mix. The first one makes the outdoor area inhabitable, and the second one enlivens the place and takes it a step closer to nature. Together, they turn home garden ideas into a reality. 

Furniture is important

Furniture is an important part of the interior just as much as it is an important part of the exterior of a house or apartment. Garden furniture can elevate your green space and make it more homey and cozy. 


The most popular types of garden furniture are dining sets, cushion seating, garden bars vertical plant displays, swings, etc. Having a designated backyard area to relax and unwind or to have fun and enjoy recreational activities ought to encourage you to spend more time outdoors.


In case you have a tiny space here are a few small garden landscaping ideas to consider. Working with small areas and trying to fit in large garden furniture there could be challenging. Hence, we would advise you to look at multi-functional alternatives, as well as foldable chairs and tables. And if by any chance you have raised beds with solid edging in your relaxation or recreation garden spot, you can turn them into a seating area just by adding cushions. 

Variety of plants 

If you want to know how to design a garden that is lush and green, start with choosing your plants. Think about your landscape plans and how you can mix different plants to complete the look your property.

Explore different flower garden ideas and try to pick flowers that best fit your outdoor vibes and aesthetics. But most importantly pay attention to plants’ preferences. Ensure the needs of the bloomers can be met and the growing conditions in your garden (sun exposure, soil type, water drainage, etc) match up to them.


Growing edibles is also one of the best gardening ideas for small gardens and large yards. Veggies, fruits, herbs, or all of the above – it is entirely up to you. And you don’t need to waste a ton of money to make it happen. Just pick a nice sunny spot in your garden and start planting seasonal fruits and veggies.


Except for edibles and flowers, you can also throw some classic greens into the mix. Green walls, hedging, and decorative plants with statement foliage and vivid leafy colors bring harmony and balance into the garden design.

Backyard garden ideas

Bush fencing 

Fences are a wonderful way to make your garden space more private, secure, and beautiful. They can perfectly complement your landscape and elevate the look of your backyard area while providing enough safety for you to feel comfortable and relaxed in your home garden. And although fencing installations are great, do you know what looks even more stunning than a traditional fence? A live, green, natural fence!


Bush fencing deservingly belongs on our list of beautiful garden ideas that will help even a novice gardener to transform a garden on a budget. If you are a fan of green fences then go ahead and start looking into options to make this project a reality.

There are many ways to make bush fencing work. The most important thing to consider is how much space you have available and how tall you want the live fencing to be. Then you have to look into the growing conditions you can provide and the pruning maintenance time you can spare. At last, think about what plants would visually complement the place.


With these three things in mind, you can now choose the perfect bush plants for your landscape needs and make your outdoor garden ideas a reality. 

Viburnum plants

If you are wondering how to transform a garden on a budget using plants, we have a few home garden ideas. Viburnum plants are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. That is because they are sturdy, tall, bushy, fragrant, and alluring. Sow this type of plant on an edge of a lawn or grow it as a shrub border. 


With viburnum plants, you can hardly run out of backyard ideas, as you can make fantastic combinations with almost any other plant variety. These plants love full sun exposure and rich soil topped with mulch. Depending on the species, viburnums could be evergreen or deciduous. 

Front garden ideas

Climber plants

In many cases, traditional gardens are quite ‘flat’ and spread horizontally rather than vertically. So why not break the expectations and start growing plants vertically? Vertical gardening and green walls are wonderful space-saving options that allow you to explore new ways to make your outdoor space enchanting.

For that reason, when it comes to front gardens, one of the garden layout ideas 100% worth exploring is climber plants. These crawling greens can absolutely transform your garden by making it welcoming, greener, and cozier.  


Climber plants are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a vertical garden or a living wall work for your abode. You can plant them in pots or directly in the ground and build them climbing or hanging trails to spread. Then you can grow them to cover old rusty walls and other solid surfaces in your garden that ruin your landscape ambiance. 


Some interesting suggestions for climbing plants that will astonish you with vibrant colors or/and pleasant scents are:


  • Climbing roses
  • Japanese wisteria
  • Jasmine
  • Clematis
  • Passion flower
  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Crimson glory vine

Fences with hedges

While utilizing bushes as fencing is a superb concept for your backyard, we have other outdoor garden ideas for your front yard. After all, when people come into your property, the fencing is the first thing they see so you have to make a good first impression.


What better way to do that than transforming your garden on a budget with beautiful classic hedges! Hedges will help you get some privacy and achieve a neat and polished look for your landscape. And even though you need to regularly maintain their shape and seasonally prune them to keep them green and healthy, it is absolutely worth it.

Archway on the entrance

Another worthy mention in our list of home garden ideas on a budget is an entrance archway. This dreamy type of garden feature will make your home look more luxurious and welcoming. There are numerous archway concepts to explore. Some of the best are solid archways – made of wood, bricks, or stone; and green archways that consist of railing and climbing plants.


We hope you find our outdoor garden ideas helpful and inspiring. If you ever need professional gardening help with your backyard transformation, hit us up for a free quote! Our team of expert gardeners can turn your London garden dreams into a reality.


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