How to trim hedges like an expert

How to trim hedges like an expert

Are you worried about the growing hedges of your garden? Has it been long since your leafy greens got good maintenance? Whether you have just begun with your gardening hobby or you are a pro gardener, we believe that hedge trimming tips are always welcome. 

Hedge trimming could be rather unpleasant, especially if you’re not trained on how to do it right. Fortunately, our experts are here to offer invaluable advice on how to trim hedges like a professional.

Make trimming no longer a boring chore

Once people have established a nice garden in the outdoors, they often find maintaining, trimming, and removing overgrown stems and branches a boring chore. To make this garden maintenance task more pleasant and easier, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Find a less humid climate for performing hedge trimming;
  • Are there new buds? You know it is the right time to trim hedges;
  • Cut a dead branch from its very origin;
  • Begin trimming with the sides of hedges. When it’s done cutting the top will be a piece of cake;
  • Use professional electric hedge trimmers to make your life easy. It will decrease the amount of manual effort you had to put otherwise.

Hedging is a great way to zone out your garden and get some privacy. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and care to look like a decent landscape feature. Hedge trimming is the best way to keep your shrubs and trees fresh and neat at all times.


Hedges grow fast. Once they are overgrown, garden maintenance becomes a time-consuming task that requires precise work and steady hands. However, hedge reduction is needed to restore that yellowish, unsightly, and woody look to fresh and healthy-looking plants. 

Garden renovation is a consecutive process and might take you a lot of time to get your hedges looking their best. When they initially start to grow, it would take around a year or two until they fully develop to be cut and shaped properly. But well, at least in the beginning, hedge reduction would not be your biggest garden challenge.

Our advice is to cut 15cm less than the main stems. Hedges must look like a slope from a wider bottom to a thinner top after chopped off. To have them looking green and healthy, do not forget to take proper care of the soil by adding compost to feed the re-growth. Water well in dry months and allow recovery during the growing period. 

Trimming and shaping

You need to trim, shape, and maintain your garden plants regularly because it enhances the growth symmetry of the trees. Likewise, the removal of excessive leaves and branches boosts the hedges’ growing conditions. The roots get a better reach of sunlight, water distribution, and airflow improve significantly.

The hedge trimming process stimulates the development of leaf and branches, enhances plant growth, helps buds open, and flower yield increases as well. By trimming, infected deadwood is be cut and removed, saving the lively greenery from drought, decease and suffocation. 

Hedge shaping gives an amazing finish to the plants. Makes them look maintained, presentable, and visually appealing. Nothing complements a beautiful facade and freshly mowed lawn like well-shaped hedging.

Professional tools and proper equipment 

If you are a beginner you may be wondering what equipment is suitable for trimming and shaping of hedges, right? Tools like hand shears, loppers, and pruning saws are must-have tools for maintaining your garden and can make your trimming tasks easier. These are used particularly to prune shrubs and trim hedges.

When it comes to tool care, make sure to clean your gardening tools frequently to prevent disease spread among the plants. Regularly treat them with oils since oils avert the rust. If your garden tools are made of wood, oiling helps reduce the chances of water absorption.

If you want to manage a public landscape, botanical garden, private residences, and others you should seek the guidance of professionals. Not only they can maintain the garden in a more efficient way, but a professional gardener can easily turn your hedges into the best landscape feature at your property. 

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