Installing artificial grass. Everything you need to know

Installing artificial grass. Everything you need to know

Installing artificial grass may be a difficult task, but it is definitely manageable. All you need to do is go through some artificial grass preparation. Then, you should measure the garden before buying artificial grass, remove all the existing grass, lay the sand, then install the weed membrane and cover it with the bought grass. 

But then comes the harder part – its maintenance. If you are wondering how to look after artificial grass, then you are in the right place. Today, we will share everything you need to know, and even more – from buying artificial grass to maintaining it! Read now!

What to put under artificial grass

Before actually installing artificial grass in your garden, you need to prepare the location. Here comes the question – ‘What to put under artificial grass?’. Well, we are here to answer! Of course, each place may have slightly different requirements, but happily – there are some options when it comes to methods and products which can be used for good results.


Here are the best materials you can put under and make a realistic artificial grass:

  • Geo-textile Paper – designed for stopping the germination of weed.
  • Crushed Aggregate – used for creating a permeable base that will develop the drainage field.
  • Weed Membrane – good option if the area where the grass will be installed is prone to the growth of weeds, or if you want to make sure that no real plants will be coming up.
  • Granite Dust – this material is great for moisturizing the grass, and having in mind how important is the drainage system.
  • Astro-Cushion – a great option for surfaces such as patio, deck, and concrete, and if the surface will be used by kids mainly.
  • Artificial Grass Infill (Silica Sand, Rubber Infill, Durafill Sand)

The artificial grass infill is used for helping the grass blades to get into the right position, or to get back to it after you have been walking on it. Basically, this is essential for keeping your grass in the right place. There are a lot of artificial grass garden ideas, so you can easily choose the style you want, and then get the filling that will be best for you.

How to look after artificial grass

After you are done installing artificial grass, you will need to look after it. Be prepared that you might need to spend some time, and give it a little bit of love. Keep on reading for some tips on how you can keep even the premium artificial grass perfect.

Brush lightly

It is essential to brush your artificial grass from time to time if you want to keep it in adequate condition. If you do not notice any visible soil or dirt, it means that the grass is cleaning itself. However, if it does need to be cleaned, then you should use a stiff or mechanical brush, and brush it lightly.

Remove leaves

Okay, even though it is grass, you have to remove all the leaves and garden debris when you see them. You can do that by using tools such as leaf blowers, plastic rakes, or stiff brushes. Then you would have neat and realistic artificial grass. If you do not feel like cleaning the grass all the time, then you can do your best to limit the leaves that are falling on the lawn by pruning your trees and keeping them healthy. 

Remove wastes 

It is essential to clean up the area before you install artificial grass and then regularly remove wastes to keep up its presentable looks. Especially, if you want to maintain it in its best condition for a long period of time. 

Having a clean beautiful garden grass means all trash, junk, and large rubbish such as pet waste, bottles, plastics, branches, or any other debris have to be cleared out. Otherwise, this may result in a damaged surface and even ruin the fake turf.

No reflective surfaces 

If you want to maintain artificial grass then you should avoid laying it near reflective surfaces such as mirrors and windows. They may burn the lawn with their light reflections, and all that damage will not be covered by the artificial grass warranty.

No contact with heat sources

Heat sources such as BBQs can be very harmful to the artificial grass. Therefore, the best advice we could give you is to never place them directly on the lawn. Because they can easily melt or burn it down and make your lawn spotty. If you need to set up your heat sources somewhere close by, we would advise you to build a patio.

Apply weed killer

Another thing you have to do if you want to maintain the artificial grass and keep it in good condition is to apply weed killer. Fake grass is a great place for some seeds, which can grow into a bigger problem. For best weed control, apply the weed killer twice a year. That way you can make sure that your outdoor area will look flawless at all times.

Artificial grass garden ideas

Let’s talk about landscape inspirations. Before installing artificial grass, think about how you want your garden to look. Here are a few interesting artificial grass garden ideas from gardening experts:

  • Combine different textures and garden features to zone out your garden and add more dimension to the green area
  • Assemble a beautiful rustic concrete or natural stone pathway, going through the middle of the lawn
  • Make your space neat and tidy and put privacy first by edging the lawn with tall hedges
  • Use the artificial grass to make outdoor cushioning for your children’s home playground
  • Lay the synthetic grass in the area where your pets hang out the most
  • Put up a solid black or dark-colored fence (or paint your existing fence) around your lawn to create a luxurious contrast between the lush green grass and the fencing
  • Use features and potted plants around the artificial grass borders to create different focal points in your garden 
  • Explore the options for leveling in your garden and create different garden zones (lawn, deck, flower garden, etc) at different heights 
  • Make a curve edging and fill up the mini-garden non-grassy areas with blooming flowers and vibrant greens


Of course, feel free to go wild with your landscape plans. Artificial grass is very easy to work with so you will have no problems making it work for any garden project that your heart desires.

Now that you know how to install and how to maintain artificial grass, you are ready to make your garden perfect. Even though there are a lot of artificial grass pros and cons, in the end, synthetic lawns are easy to look after, and they are not that hard to install. 


So if you like the way artificial grass looks and you appreciate its qualities  – go for it! If it seems like too much work, our professional gardening team in London will gladly step up and help.

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