​​Lawn care tips. Lawn treatment & Garden cleaning

​​Lawn care tips. Lawn treatment & Garden cleaning

A beautiful outdoor space is essential for a good atmosphere in a house, and that’s why we have provided some lawn care tips for you! It is not that hard to create and maintain a perfect garden, but it takes time to do everything right and get the best results. 


If you decide to try to take care of your lawn by yourself, you need to have some things in mind to make a garden makeover amazing. We will talk about those things in this article. If you don’t have the time or you want to get professional results, finding the appropriate lawn service is a very important task. 

Read more about our professional garden service and tips, and don’t hesitate to contact our lawn care services if you need someone to trim, treat or clean your grass!

The importance of garden care

We will first start with the importance of garden care. Let’s say you have an outdoor space, you want your lawn & garden to look perfect. We understand, but you need to spend some time and money on that. 

The perfect outdoor space takes some work and dedication. Some of the professional services you and your lawn can benefit from are:


  • Garden cleaning service
  • Lawn treatment service
  • Lawn care services and maintenance
  • Grass cutting service (lawn mowing)
  • Watering services, and others


Many people wonder if they can do this alone, so they won’t have to pay for lawn care services. The answer is obvious – yes you can! However, you will need to have a lot of free time, and you will need to invest in equipment, seeds, and water sprinklers. 


And don’t forget – lawn care is not a one-time job. You will need to spend time gardening and landscaping at least twice per month!

Professional garden makeover

If you are interested in a professional garden makeover, our team of gardening experts can cover for you. We are ready to make your life easier by taking up all the lawn care services your London garden might need.

Keep on reading to learn more about each separate lawn service:

Grass cutting service

First, and most important is the grass cutting service, a.k.a. mowing. The best way for your garden to look impeccable and presentable is to have a freshly trimmed garden instead of an overgrown one. But the aesthetics are not the only reason to frequently cut the grass in your yard. Regular trims ensure your grass grows lush and healthy.


The lawnmower used for trimming should be seasonally maintained and regularly cleaned. Typically, the mowing direction is different every time to ensure the grass blades grow straight upwards instead of leaning to one side. The rule of thumb is that you need to cut ⅓ of the height of the grass during each mowing session. 

It is strongly advised to cut your lawn at least once every two weeks during the warm seasons. In winter, you can cut before and after the first and last frost. Never mow after rain. The best time for grass cutting lawn care is early in the morning or late in the evening when the freshly-cut lawn would not be exposed to excessive sunlight and high temperatures.


Lawnmowing definitely takes a lot of time, especially if the grass height is substantial. That’s why hiring a team for a grass cutting service is always a good idea! Our professional company can take on the mowing task for you and immediately transform your garden when trimming is needed. 

Lawn care services

Furthermore, for perfect outdoor space, you will surely need additional lawn care services. They are periodic services that are promoting the health of the lawn by basically doing weed control, pest lawn treatment, and fertilization. 

In the lawn care services are also included maintenance procedures such as seeding, laying new turf, lime application, and insect control. The good news is, you won’t need that type of garden assistance on a regular basis, but only when problems occur.

Grass cleaning service

Another service you can use if you want to have a great artificial lawn is grass cleaning. This includes a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services, which will keep your lawn in the best possible condition throughout the whole year. Those services cover cleaning and sanitizing by using specific machinery and professional cleaning techniques. 


The grass will look brand new and smell great after this service that kills the weeds, washes it with enzyme chemicals, and will also brush it to look brighter. If there are metal fragments, they will be removed, and if there is a need for re-sanding, it will be done by professionals. 

Weeding & pruning service

Weeding and pruning services are extremely important when it comes to quality garden care. All dead plants, weeds, and thatch that are damaging the greens ought to be removed, which will ensure that your lawn is looking its best. Furthermore, the plants you have planted need water, sun, and nutrients to flourish – when all those invasive plants and deceased growth are cleared, they will get enough of those to be in their best form.

Wedding and pruning service is essential during the summer, and before the cold season comes. This will ensure that the lawn will look good all year. Overall, this service includes:


  • Removal of weeds and undesired plants that have taken over your garden
  • Pruning of your overgrown or infested trees and shrubs and their dead branches and foliage
  • Protection solutions to prevent future damages

Hedge trimming service

Hedge trimming is snipping branches and leaves which have grown too much during the winter, by using electric or manual clippers. This service is performed to make your bushes look better. With the right professional styling, your outdoor space will look more than amazing.


The process takes a lot of time and steady hands, that’s why it is strongly advised to use professional help. You can call for hedge trimming services seasonally or at least two times per year. The best time for hedge trimming is in July and September. However, how often the procedure should be done depends on the local weather conditions, the time of the year, the species of plants, and the needs of the property. 

Gardening and landscaping

When we talk about the perfect lawn, we can not forget to mention the importance of gardening and landscaping. Those improvement techniques are what you need to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. 


Basically, gardening is more simple – it includes growing and caring for plants. Landscaping is more complex because it includes the types, placement, design, and styling of the plants, as well as the style and placement of garden features and hard surfaces.


So, if you like gardening, and you see it as a hobby – great, you will need some skills and practice, but it can be done by anyone. However, if you want to achieve a luxury and aesthetic garden, then you will need to hire a landscape architect or a professional gardening team like us to help you out.


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