Modern garden design. What are the trends for 2022?

Modern garden design. What are the trends for 2022?

As 2022 is slowly approaching, the landscape design trends are changing along with the year. The best thing is you don’t need to fall behind. Keeping up with the craze is easier than ever. With a few modern garden design changes, you can upgrade your magnificent garden to the latest landscaping standards. 

Ready to transform your modern garden and choose the best design? Read more about the garden design trends for 2022 here and transform your garden in no time.


What is modern gardening?

Modern gardening is a way to add style and function to your garden, without compromising on outdated features, old solutions and traditional practices. It is also a way of transforming your outdoor space up to the newest gardening trends. 

With a modern approach to planting schemes, recreational areas, outdoor features and garden amenities your garden would always look neat, avant-garde and welcoming. 

The best part is, annual trends in gardening are not that drastic, so you can easily get fantastic results for minimal extra effort. You only need to know where to start on garden designs and layouts.

What are the modern home garden design trends for 2022?

Mix textures

The first modern garden design trend we would like to present is mixing textures. That means incorporating diverse structures and textures into your modern garden. 

Mixing textures does not imply giving up on a unified home garden design. You can introduce plants and features with contrasting textures and still have them work well together. Both visually and functionally. 

Mixing plant textures

Leaves are some of the most distinguished parts of any plant. So you can make your garden stand out by exploring various foliage patterns, shapes and sizes. Mixing up plants with distinctive leaves (fine texture, fuzzy texture, spikes, soft texture, glossy foliage) is a modern gardening strategy you should recognise.

Flowers and their blooms bring the colours and fragrances out in your garden. That makes them extremely important when it comes to house garden design. Thus when choosing plants, it is essential to stick to harmonious complementary colours, yet, pick different flower shapes, with various structures and sizes.

Mixing garden feature textures

Mixing textures goes beyond just plants. According to the latest modern garden design tendencies, combining features made of different materials is the contrast you need to make a garden statement! 

Some examples of mixing textures include a stone fire pit with a solid seating area backed by a timber fence; tile or stone flooring with a rustic L-bench and table; solid pergola with weave furniture; and more. 

The possibilities of making mixing textures work are endless. Feel free to explore unconventional garden designs and experiment with them, so it best fits the functionality and style of your garden.

Last but not least, remember to take our landscaping suggestions but do not overdo this modern garden design trend. Otherwise, your garden might end up looking chaotic. 

Colourful decorations

Gardens in 2022 would be all about the colours and vibrance. But this garden design trend is not about plant colouration or garden furniture. It stands for choosing vivid features and decorations to further spice up your outdoor area.

Flower arrangements are the most common garden decor. So whether you prefer to display your small greens in planters, vases, jars, vertical structures or hanging flower pots, you can make your backyard a bit more interesting. How? By adding an extra splash of colour and getting creative with the containers.

Another decor idea for a modern garden design is to install a colourful animal feeder, birdbath or birdhouse. That way, you get to enjoy a pretty garden with bright decorations and invite wildlife into your garden at the same time.

Additionally, you can spice your modern balcony or patio furniture with colourful cushions and a vibrant outdoor carpet. And if you like to upcycle old furniture and pallets in your garden, you can repaint your innovative planters and outdoor structures for that extra touch of colour. 


Garden lighting is just as important as any other garden feature. Not only does it enhance the garden layout but also makes your outdoor space more cosy and homey. For that reason, you have to pay special attention to your garden lighting when making modern finishing touches.

Ambient and chic lighting solutions and lanterns are a great addition to a home garden design in 2022. Be bold with your choice and do not be conservative about mixing different types of lighting in one setting.

String lanterns and festoon lights are still a hit for dining and recreational areas in the garden. They are a good fit for boho and contemporary designs and complement dark palettes, neutral-coloured features, wooden and weave garden furniture. Moreover, you can stretch them between trees and along the walking paths. 

In addition to the modern garden design, table lamps are also a wonderful accessory for outdoor dining tables and side tables. To add an extra rustic charm to your garden space, you may want to consider getting candle lanterns instead. These could be situated on the garden table to set a romantic mood. 

Different garden levels

Elevated gardens are becoming one of the top garden design practices for 2022. So if you have the space and resources to pull off that kind of gardening project, there are many house garden design ideas you can brainstorm.

Distinctive garden levels add a modern touch to local landscaping and make an outdoor space more interesting. Levelling also allows you to experiment with different sizes and textures of plants, while the garden is looking neat and tidy. 


Here are some of the simplest options to incorporate levelling into your garden design without a natural slope:


  • Embrace raised garden beds
  • Make the most of small vertical gardening structures and living walls
  • Make smart plant choices and arrange greens according to their size and height
  • Add an elevated surface like a deck, raised pergola structure or raised patio for the outdoor seating or relaxation area


When your garden has a slope, the task is even easier as you probably already have garden steps or outdoor stairs. If that is the case, you can surround the walk path or trail borders with plants and design green terraces. For stairs, you can get potted greenery and place planters and containers alongside, on each step.

In case you have a slope, but no steps, then maybe you can think about adding some or installing a terrace-like platform to level the “usable” terrain. As for the “decorative” area, it could be turned into a lawn or utilized to accommodate your plants, shrubs and even trees.

Contemporary flooring

If you want to stay up to date with the trends for garden design then you have to consider updating your flooring. Do not miss the potential garden design opportunities. Sleek floor designs with sectioned elements, mixed patterns, straight lines and accent features are currently at the core of contemporary landscape design.

For example, use square stone plank paving or large clear tiles to accent the walk paths or living spaces in your garden. For your patio, elevate the garden design by adding visual space between the tiles. Then fill the rest with pebbles or gravel chips to achieve modern minimalism or a Japanese garden vibe.

In case you strive for a more exotic vibe, then alternatively you can use pattern tiles with contrasting motifs. Another floor garden design idea to consider is getting a solid granite flooring for a high-tech feel – simple and yet, sophisticating.

Another contemporary flooring option to consider for your garden is a rustic finish. A weathered finish on the wooden boards is a great way to complement a deck, make it more inviting and make the best out of natural colours.

Outdoor dining and relax area 

Every garden needs an outdoor area where you can spend time with the people dearest to you. We are not talking about the planting space, more about a designated area in the garden to unwind, relax, dine, get fresh air or/and enjoy activities in your yard.

Some of the trends in modern garden design for dining areas include corner and open pergolas and elevated seating areas, surrounded by greenery. Wooden dining sets and comfy weave sets make a great addition to contemporary gardens. 

If your garden is small or medium-sized, corner L-shaped seating is a good choice. But if you have a large open space, center your dining pieces and make use of it without over-furnishing. After all, modern garden design is all about utilizing your space in a minimalist way.

For the relaxing area, you can go for a classic stone fire pit, small outdoor kitchen, planter bench or a corner bar. From a decorative standpoint, mirror walls and plank panelling (vertical or horizontal) are also landscaping hit. 

How to transform your garden? 

All the garden designs and layouts on our list present you with a fantastic opportunity to start a DIY garden transformation project to upgrade your outdoor space. 


Here are a few extra garden design tips and pointers:


  • Think about how you want to improve your outdoor space
  • Figure what features would enhance your garden 
  • Buy durable materials that require low-maintenance
  • Maximise the use of space by choosing multi-purpose furniture
  • Use professional tools and protecting equipment when building structures
  • Make a garden design landscape plan and follow it

Alternatively, feel free to take advantage of our professional gardening services, to save time and ensure excellent execution and final results. Sounds good? Get in touch to get a quote now.

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