Short guide to garden makeover: building an exotic garden

Short guide to garden makeover: building an exotic garden

Traditional plants and garden furniture can make your outdoor place stand out, yet, they can never give you a tropical holiday feel in the comfort of your backyard. On the other side, exotic gardens with big leafy flowers give off that same vacation time vibe that can brighten up everyday life. 

Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. If you want to transform your current flower garden into an exotic one and give it a new tropical look – make sure to check all of our garden landscaping ideas and garden makeover advice here!

How to choose tropical flowers?

Take into account the size of your garden

Your garden size has everything to do with flower landscape planning. If your available outdoor space is tiny, then you need to choose small exotic plants instead of big leafy trees and enormous tropical flowers. However, if you have a big yard with lots of garden-friendly areas, feel free to go all out and embrace big-leaf bloomy greens of tall tropical trees. 

Pick the flowers based on the maintenance you can provide

To get that sunning tropical look in your outdoor area, you have to work harder on gardening than usual. That’s because you are trying to grow plants that are not used to the soil, humidity, temperature, and weather conditions of your area. 

Some exotic plants might seem a wonderful choice for a garden makeover. At the same time, they might require a bit more care and attention than you could provide. A good way to “cheat the system” is to hire a professional gardening service to take regular care of your new garden beauties.

Make sure they match your landscape

The best thing about an exotic garden makeover is you can make it complement and enhance the features of your plot. An important piece of advice for tropical landscaping is to look for flower garden ideas that will suit the architecture and design of the property. 

Modern architecture works well with tropical plantings because of the color contrast between the vivid plant coloration and the plain neutral walls. Once you find the perfect aesthetic match for your growing space, you can go ahead and purchase the exotic seeds on your mind.

Don’t forget about the climate requirements

There is one more important thing to consider for an exotic garden makeover and good plant choice – weather and climate conditions. Most tropical greenery is used to hot sunny weather with high humidity airflow, which does not always correspond with the local climate in your city and neighborhood. 

With that in mind, our professional advice on the case is to choose plants that do not depend solely on tropical climate to thrive. There are some plant sorts and varieties that can grow well in Europe with proper care and attention. So it’s better to do research and consult with a gardening professional to avoid making a wrong plant choice.

Valuable advice for every tropical garden makeover

Add exotic decorations 

Nothing conveys that vacation feeling like themed exotic decorations, complementing a lush garden design. Timber screens, bamboo fences, lanterns, green walls, trellis, vertical displays, and exotic furniture can really level up your unique outdoor area.

Hanging and vertical decor is always a good addition to an awesome garden. Water features also work extremely well with stunning exotic foliage. So one of the best tropical flower garden ideas is to add nature-like fountains, artificial waterfalls, and ponds with tropical fish. 

Plants with big leaves and strong shapes

Some of the most stunning and charismatic features of tropical gardens are the big leaves and the strong shapes of the plants. The more stand-out and diverse a plant looks, the more exotic vibe it brings to the garden.

Big foliage work great with small garden spaces as it provides a much-needed depth to the yard and makes a powerful design statement. Banana palms, Cuban Cigar, and Monstera Deliciosa are the ideal tropical plants to add to a tiny backyard. To successfully grow those tropical greens, you need a relatively warm local climate.

Strong shapes are also quite an eye-catching feature in a tropical flower garden. Impressive vines and hanging plants can turn any boring yard into a private exotic paradise. Some of our hanging favorites are the Jade Vine, Fuschia, and Chenille plants. 

If you want to impress with bold and beautiful grounded flowers, then Pitcher Plant, Parrot Heliconia, Canna Lilly, and Amazon Lilly might work amazing for your gardening endeavors. The best way to show off the shapes and features of your exotic garden makeover plants is to mix vivid blooms with green leafy or taro plants. 

Be careful about the colors

Large foliage greens are the epitome of tropical gardens. Yet, when you add vibrant colored plants to the mix, the contrast makes all the difference in the best way possible. 

Unfortunately, most blooming tropical flowers cannot grow in the European climate. There are however some exotic plants that can thrive here with a bit more care and attention. To make the best choice for your garden, consult a gardening professional and read the labels of the seed you buy. 

What you can do as an alternative to tropical flowers is to throw familiar blooming plants into the wild exotic garden mixture. Indeed, regular plants can add a touch of genuine wilderness and enhance the color palette of your outdoor area, without overshadowing the tropical greens.

Plant on layers

Layer planting is an amazing way to incorporate the jungle theme into your backyard. Just like in a rainforest, plants grow in a wild layered scheme, all over the place. 

Big tall trees as a top layer, then shorter palm-like trees, vines, and hanging greens, followed by big leafy shrubs, ferns, or taro plants. And at the lowest level, a final layer of colorful blooms breaks the deep green color palette and takes you to paradise. 

Of course, taking the whole jungle home is a challenging task, but with minor layering and a wise choice of tropical greenery, you can have your own mini garden. To make the space more lively, consider adding an artificial waterfall into the layered landscape.

Soft and hard contrast

One of the best decisions you can make for your tropical garden is to combine the power of plants with hard landscape surfaces. Rocks and gravel pathways look amazing in an exotic garden setting. 

The blend of hard surfaces and rocks with foliage and vibrant-colored flowers is all about the feeling of hot summer adventures. So if you have any rocks laying around in your backyard, instead of throwing them away as debris – use them as a decorative feature in your stunning home garden.

Pay attention to details

Minor details can make a huge aesthetic difference to the appeal of your garden. But how do you know what design choice to make? Embrace some of the exotic flower garden ideas and landscaping arrangement tips we prepared for you:

  • Lighting ideas
  • Vertical gardening and green walls
  • Outdoor amenities

Lighting flower garden ideas

Good lighting can showcase the best features of your garden at night. Especially when we talk about an exotic-themed garden makeover. 

Night lighting over or in between the plants creates a dramatic magical jungle effect. At the same time, arranging ground lights along the garden pathway makes big leafed plantations stand out just like they lead you around paradise. 

There are some budget-friendly options for those who want to save money on expensive garden lighting. Solar lights are a great alternative to LED lighting and night lamps. They charge themselves throughout the day by harnessing the power of the sun, so they can illuminate your way around your garden at night.

Vertical gardening and green walls

For small-sized yards, an exotic garden makeover is not an easy landscape project to pull of. Since the majority of adaptable exotic plants have huge foliage, you need to make smart choices. So the goal is to figure out a way to make the garden work without taking up too much free space. 

In this case, vertical gardening comes to save the garden makeover. With many vertical displays and installments on the market, it’s easy to arrange your small and mid-sized plants without eating up the common area. 

Green walls are another great feature to add to a private tropical oasis. There are support systems you can buy and install, or you can build a DIY trellis from pallets or netting. Pick beautiful climbing or vine plants to match the exotic appeal of the garden and watch them take over any old or rusty wall on your property.

Outdoor amenities

Nice outdoor facilities and amenities will definitely add a touch of tropical luxury to your garden. Features like an outdoor shower, pool, or hammock section can make you feel on vacation while you spend time in your home. 

Such features are not that expensive to build and install in your yard. Alternatively, for a more eco-friendly approach to the outdoor shower, you can collect rainwater and heat it in containers under the sun.

Stay devoted to your garden in the long-term

Flower garden ideas are great for enhancing the landscape but they don’t keep your tropical plants lush and healthy after the planning period. The ultimate way to ensure your exotic garden thrives is to devote your time and energy to it.

Growing a tropical garden requires long-term hard work and dedication. Trying to keep plants flourishing in a foreign environment and unnatural for them weather condition is a challenge. So if you are not up for it – stick to a traditional garden landscape.

If you are willing to do the best to provide the tropical greens with everything they need to develop healthily but you lack free time – there is a solution. Professional gardeners can take this responsibility from your to-do list. As a result, your garden stays healthy, lush, and beautiful for your household to enjoy.

Ready to take the next step towards a tropical garden in your backyard? Our professional gardening service in London can take care of all the outdoor tasks – from plant choice, garden planning, and planting to regular care and maintenance!

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