Short guide to Lawn Care for gardening enthusiasts

Short guide to Lawn Care for gardening enthusiasts

Lawn Care and Mowing are essential parts of every great garden. Our experts provide invaluable advice to every gardener when it comes to lawn care in a short guide, including all you need to know.

There are various techniques every gardener can use to create the best environment for a garden. Thanks to the lawn care and the mowing, the garden stays clean, well-kept, and a perfect place for some rest and family time.

Everything you need to know when it comes to Lawn care

There are so many benefits of lawn care! It complements your landscape features and makes your garden space neat, cozy, and appealing. Professional lawn maintenance will also keep the garden healthier, and your friends and family will have an amazing place to relax.

Every homeowner needs to have the needed tools to carry out good gardening maintenance or trust a gardening service. It is good to be open to professional advice, as expert gardeners could take some of the hard work off of you, by helping with tools and applying pro lawn care methods to achieve the best results.

Grass trimming

Trimming your grass is an ultimate lawn care necessity because it naturally fertilizes the soil and gives your garden a polished and finished look. Unless you hired a professional to trim the grass for you, you might need to know some basic rules and requirements that should be followed when mowing a lawn.

Be aware that the mowing intensity depends on the local weather conditions. Certain seasonal or climate changes could elongate or shorten the trimming period. With that in mind, trimming is of a higher priority through the spring and summer months when the grass is rapidly growing. 

When it comes to length, it is considered best to cut one-third of the grass’s length. Otherwise, the trimming will damage the grass and leave it looking oddly unpresentable. For your luck, most garden mowers are set to a certain height that is ultimate for your lawn’s well-being.

Another important lawn care rule is that the mowing should happen when the grass and the soil are dry since wet grass might smother the lawn beneath. Trimming the grass regularly significantly helps maintain the healthy condition of your green space. 

Lawn edging

Edging is a crucial step in gardening maintenance. Cutting the edges will create

cleaner lines and shape the structure of a yard. Lawn edging is essential to keep the green outdoor area healthy, well kept, and presentable, as it adds an ultimate professional touch to any lush lawn.

How to edge a lawn? After the regular mowing procedure, get a half-moon tool, edger, or trimmer (depending on your needs) and use it to cut out the excessive grass particles that grow along the edges of your path walk, driveway, or patio. Make sure you cut them evenly so they match the level of your mowed lawn.

Overgrown edges should always be taken care of because they can make even the

freshly mowed lawns look vague. In case you feel unsure about your ability to handle the task, our professionals would gladly lend a hand.

Lawn feeding

Soil nutrition is a must when it comes to proper lawn care. Fertilizing brings a lot of benefits to the grass as it makes it grow healthier, and capable to withstand weeds and even some pests. 

Taking care of a lawn comes with the responsibility to recognize that over time the soil naturally loses important nutrients. Therefore, in order to keep the gardening maintenance on point, it is recommended to adopt an annual fertilization routine.

When the grass is properly fed it becomes fuller, thicker, and lush. Without lawn feeding, the grass decolorizes, turns thin and pale. There are many chemical and sustainable lawn feeding solutions available on the market. Feel free to consult an expert or hire professional gardeners to do the job. 

If you need help with your lawn care, do not hesitate to take advantage of some of the best gardeners in the West London area – Professional Gardening UK, at your service. 

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