The 12 Most Brilliant Garden Ideas on a Budget

The 12 Most Brilliant Garden Ideas on a Budget

Updated on 12th January 2022


You have a limited budget for gardening or you simply want to reuse some of your old possessions but don’t know how? Instead of throwing away your things, you can put them in use and help with reducing waste on the planet by living up your garden. We listed the most brilliant garden design ideas on a budget for everyone who want to brighten up their gardens.

How to transform garden on a budget?

1.Tree Stump Garden Furniture

Tree stump table in a small garden.

If you have a old tree stump in your garden, you’re in luck. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on removing it, you can create garden furniture out of it. Turn it into a table by adding a wooden or glass top. This way you can enjoy your morning coffee or a meal with your friends and family on this original table that everyone will talk about. Or put a cushion on the tree stump and have a cool stool. Use your imagination with this one. It’s a simple, cheap, and eco-friendly solution.

2. Tire Planter

Young boy swinging into a tyre swing in a garden.

For sure you’ve watched a kid’s movie where swings are made of tires and wondered how that would play out, if you try it. Salvage an old car tire by turning it into a swing, chair or flower pot. You can paint the rubber or cut it and form it the way you like. Having a tire swing is every kid’s dream.

3. Mini Rock Mushrooms

Rocks painted as mushrooms in a small garden

For this one, you simply need rocks and a little bit of paint. Create DIY cement mushrooms to inflict a fairytale like sense from your garden. Or you can paint them in any creative way you want. Painting the rocks will turn into a fun game you can have with your kids. They will love drawing on and playing with them. Fun fact – they will last forever.

4. Intimate String Lights

Intimate string lights

You can find cheap outdoor string lighting that you can put between fences, furniture, and trees. During evenings they will create a magical and cozy atmosphere in your garden. You can use them to illuminate pathways, light up the space, and create an intimate feel. They will be perfect for both relaxing dinners and parties with your friends and family.

5. Colorful Marbled Fencing

Colorful marbles

If you have some old glass marbles from your childhood, you can put them in use again by embedding them in your wooden fences. It will add color and cool lighting in your garden especially when the sun hits them from the back. The only thing you need to do is drill holes in the fences and fill them with the marbles. You don’t even need to add glue. Simple and cheap.

6. Romantic Tin Can Luminaries

Reuse your food cans by turning them into ornaments for your garden. By using hammer and nail you can cut holes in the cans and create different kinds of forms such as hearts and stars. Place and light up a candle inside them and you’ll have cool lanterns that will project lovely light and shades. Creating a romantic and intimate mood has never been easier or cheaper.

7. Dyed Patio Tiles

Dyed patio tiles and a comfortable bench

If you have outdoor tiles in your garden, they are probably grey and boring-looking. Simply add paint and your whole garden will liven up. Choose a color scheme that will fit the mood you want in your garden. Use cooler colors, if you want  the garden to look bigger with more depth, warmer colors for a cozy-looking space, or completely contrasting colors for a bold feeling. You can be creative and dye the tiles in neon paint that will illuminate the path in the dark.

8. Shoe Organizer for Your Flowers

Do you have a small garden or you simply are running out of space for all your flowers because you have gone overboard. Well, there is a simple solution for that. You can buy a cheap hanging shoe or clothes organizer and plant your flowers or herbs inside them. Hang it from your trees, porch, fence or from all of them. Now you have all the space you needed all along for all your favorite flowers.

9. Maximize a garden space with a mirror

Mirror in a garden with flower pots.

We’re not magicians, but we do have some tricks in our sleeves. This one is especially helpful, if you need small garden ideas on a budget or your garden doesn’t have good natural light due to other building or trees. Simply hand a mirror on a wall or fence. It will bounce around the natural sunlight and the reflection of the garden will create a feeling that the space is bigger than it actually is.

10.  Put a Bird Feeder

Bird feeder in a garden.

Material possessions are not the only things that can create a lovely feel of a garden. There is nothing like hear chirping birds to feel like you’re close to nature. Create a DIY bird feeder by using recycled paper or wood and all the birds from the neighbourhood will soon know where to sing their songs.

 Shape it up

If you ought to save money when transforming your garden, then shaping it up must be on top of your list. Something as simple, fast and easy as shaping the garden elements can breathe new life into the garden area. No need to spend extra money on new features, just enhance existing ones.

For instance, cutting the lawn into a defined shape, removing excess grass and doing a nice edging job. Another garden idea is shaping the surrounding hedges, trees and shrubs. All you need to pull it off is some free time and garden tools like a lawnmower, spade and spears. 

12.  Reuse old furniture

old furniture in a roomReusing old furniture in the garden is an interesting and sustainable way to transform your green space on a budget. There are hardly any indoor features you cannot incorporate into a landscaping design. 

For example, cabinets, bathtubs and wooden boxes make wonderful planters. Old ladders, racks and shelves are perfect for a vertical plant or decor display or storage space. If you have a creative and crafty side, the possibilities are endless. 

And the best part is, you won’t have to break the bank to make them work well with your garden and exterior. The reused furniture might need a little polish, paint or some minor functionality changes, but nothing too costly. 

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