The Ultimate Winter Garden To Do List

The Ultimate Winter Garden To Do List

Everyone knows that the busiest gardening time ends with the first falling leaves in the autumn. At this point, even the truest garden enthusiast are fed up with the endless lists of tasks they need to cover every day to maintain their yards in a good condition. Now that you’ve taken a rest and spent some quality time inside through the festive and cold December, you start dreaming about the spring and start thinking about what you can do for your garden. 


Ideally, you should have done this in the fall. However, we would expect that you may have been a bit busy setting up your home for the winter and preparing for the Christmas celebrations. If that’s true, then there’s no problem. You just need to do the pruning now and remove all the fallen veggies and annuals. In addition, you should take care of the perennials, as well. Remove any damaged or dying parts, but remember to never get rid of more than ⅓ of the plant at once. Otherwise, you risk killing it all at once. Good thing is that you can use all those leftovers to start your composting, which is the logical next step. 

The Winter To-Do Tasks

Some things are better accomplished during the coldest season. Check them out. 

Start Composting

If you don’t have a composting system in place already, then start by making your research. Look at the different options and evaluate them to find which one will fit your garden the best. If you have any doubts or second thoughts, do not hesitate to ask an expert in the local gardening center. When you’re done with that, you can easily start collecting all the material for your compost. As composting is slower when the temperature is lower, do not expect any results overnight, but make sure you are following all the necessary steps to be able to pot the soil in the spring. 

Repair fencing 

The fence is definitely not the key player in your garden but is also something you cannot eliminate or underestimate. Fences are usually easily damaged. It could be some extreme weather conditions, a side effect from kids’ soccer game, or just age. That doesn’t matter. The perfect time for fencing repairs is winter and if you are incapable of doing those yourself, then you could trust the professionals. 

a white garden fence surrounded by plants

Knock snow off of shrubs

Surely a winter could pass without a sufficient snowfall. There is nothing to worry about then. However, if you wake up one morning and the garden is all white, then you need to put your boots and scarf and get out. If you forget to knock off the snow, it could damage your garden and surely that’s not what you want. 

The Preparation Tasks to Take Care of in the Winter

Now that you have a bit more time, you can get ahead with your spring preparations. 

Test and Boost Your Soil

If you are into gardening, then you surely have read and heard how important the soil is for the entire well-being of your garden. However, during the busier seasons, this task always remains on the bottom of the list and only now is the perfect moment for you to take a sample and get your soil tested. You will be amazed and surprised by the insights you are going to gain and the progress you will able to make after that. 

a small plant growing in the soil

Sharpen Your Tools

The truth is that if you are buying high-quality gardening tools, you will not need to replace them very often. You will need to maintain them though. Most of your tools come with clear instructions about how you can take care of them and sharpen them. And if you’ve thrown those away, you can always find some useful tips online. 

Build New Garden Beds

If you’re planning on expanding your garden this year, you most probably will need to build some new garden beds and now is a very good time for completing this task. Raised beds are always a good option, as they are easy to assemble and maintain and not very expensive. 

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