Top 10 garden designs for small gardens

Top 10 garden designs for small gardens

City life has so many perks but it sure does need more green in it, especially when relaxing at home or taking a break at work. So instead of getting used to living in an intensively urban setting, why don’t you maximize the outdoor spaces we have available?

Take advantage of your small balconies, backyards, and patios. Start planning, embrace landscaping ideas, and design your own mini garden. Small gardens are a great add-on for your place and they can really make it feel like a home. However, considering their size is limited, you have to make use of every centimeter of it. 

With so many landscape options and creative ways to design your garden, we’re here to make the task easier for you. Keep on reading to find 10 ideas on how to transform your small garden!

Transform your garden design with our tips!

If your compact garden needs a re-do, then our top-notch advice and gardening tips will certainly inspire you to turn your tiny yards, patios, and terraces into a stylish urban oasis. A tiny garden is not always a boring garden. Just the opposite – with a bright idea and some inspiration, you can exploit the charm of a small space and make the best of it. 

This is where our professional gardeners come to help you make the best decisions for your urban outdoor retreat when your space is severely limited:

Multi-level garden

Leveling is a charming way to show off your best small garden features. It allows you to creatively include the stairs, porchway, and platforms to your garden landscape design, as well as zone out multi-purpose areas. If that kind of leveling is not available at your place, you can artificially level your garden with raised flower beds and paneling.

There are so many creative ways to have fun with steps and ledges to open up your small garden. You can place cushions on unused step space to turn it into a seating area or even arrange your potted plants on it. Shelving plants is a huge gardening opportunity for limited outdoor areas, as it saves space, decorates your small garden, and showcases the greens. 

Different levels allow you to effectively manage your tiny garden capacity. They help you line out your landscape and visually create mini zones in your small garden. For example, a dining and relaxation area, playground, edibles garden, lawn, etc.

Add shelves and hooks

Nothing screams impeccable design like a pretty DIY and artsy decoration to complement your small garden landscape. But you also need a way to display them – that’s when shelving and railing come to save the day. 

It’s a common misconception that hooks, rails, and shelves are strictly an interior solution. Placing them in your garden will actually let you moderate the available space easily. 

Installing shelves on the outer walls, fences, and window sills create extra spots for garden-themed decor, lanterns, candles, and plant pots. Peg rails and hooks, on the other hand, are a creative hanging solution for outdoor lamps and minimalistic lighting installations.

Make it vertical!

A cozy small vertical garden The best thing about vertical gardening is that you get to enjoy a private green paradise without wasting precious space. Thus, you can grow plants, have a stunning exterior decor, and still have enough room for themed garden furniture.

Verticale gardening is the ultimate plant arrangement strategy for small garden designs. Think about a green wall to improve the exterior aesthetics and cover up your old shed or unpleasant looking walls. Integrate vine plants and hanging plants into your landscape design as well. 

As an alternative, you might consider installing shelves on your outer wall, for a nice vertical arrangement of flower pots. And if by any chance you have a roof or any partial shelter over the garden, you can hang potted crawling plants from the ceiling to preserve even more horizontal space.

Backdrop paint

Backdrop paint can do wonders for a contemporary garden. Its minimalistic vibes correspond perfectly with modern architecture and neutral or wooden outdoor furniture. Two-toned colour blocks look great alongside big-leafed plants. They create an illusion of height and space in your tiny yard and provide you with the safety and privacy you deserve.

Make space with multifunctional shed

Garden sheds are a great way to store your outdoor furniture and gardening tools when you are not using them. But why not take your shed game to new heights by making it multi-purpose? 

Renovate your old shed or build a new one so that you can use it all year round – as storage for winter and as an open bar in summer. Host the best friends and family gatherings and enjoy cold drinks at the shed without wasting any more precious space in your small garden.

Add-ons for perfect small garden design

Garden design for small gardens could be tricky when it comes to making decisions on what goes where and why. From zoning out areas and planting to choosing and managing furniture and decorative features – working with a tiny space requires excessive creativity and inspiration. 

So here are a few more great ideas on how to make your small garden pop:

Create a “relax zone”

A red sofa and a table in a small gardenEvery small garden needs a dine and relax space where you can chill on a hammock, have a meal with your loved ones, or enjoy your morning coffee in peace. Sometimes, however, your outdoor garden is not big enough to accommodate a table with four stools, along with a swinging stool or lounge chair. 

In such cases, you can try some DIY design solutions like placing half a round table next to the wall with two foldable stools and invest in a comfy hanging seating. Alternatively, you may choose a compact garden sofa with a matching themed table. To make the most of your tiny yard or balcony add green plants to balance the design.

Another relax zone option is to make use of your corner space. Turn it into a nice hangout spot with a pallet or wooden furniture. All you need to make it work is big cushions for your corner high-back sofa and some nice decor for the small dining or tea table.

Get kitchen windows 

Embrace the light in your small space by adding blooming or edible plants around the windows and on the windowsills. A window box or ground-level pot arrangement is perfect for herbs and blooming flowers and can balance out big kitchen windows.

Add vegetables!

Every small garden design has its own charm, and so does the edibles garden. Turning outdoor yards into a veggie garden is not that common in the big cities but it’s actually not a bad idea at all. With a fruit and vegetable garden, you can eat the fresh produce you’ve grown and bring the countryside vibes to the big city. 

If you really want a mini garden, but you only have a small balcony – take this as an opportunity. Go for potted berries, small veggies, or even herbs! Simply plant the edibles in containers, glass jars, pipe clamps, or pots and display them on your windowsills and terrace railing. That way, you get to have a wonderful green outdoor setting and fresh produce ready to harvest right outside your door or window.

Create a living wall

A living wall could bring life and color to your small garden. So can vines and other climbing and hanging plants. With the help of railings or supporting panels, concrete and brick walls can be perfect for a green wall installment and other vine decorations. For a finishing touch, add some color and versatility to the living wall with blooming climbing plants.

Make a fence with plants

Climbing plants are a wonderful solution for your fencing, as they provide additional privacy for your small garden. They are a perfect disguise for an old fence or rusty garden panels. Greens can also completely replace your fence. All you need to do is choose shrubs and hedging that will accustom to your local climate and provide privacy for your property.

Final advice on how to design a garden like a pro

There are three main steps in small garden design:

  • Choose a landscape theme
  • Make the most of your outdoor space
  • Maintain your dream garden

Choose a garden theme

Before you start planning on your garden landscape, it’s important to note all the small things that would make the tiny space special for you. Going after a certain theme for your mini garden is a must if you want to get the wow factor. 

The overall go-to style of your small space should be incorporated into all the features of your compact garden. Furniture, fencing, decor, and greenery should always match the theme to give your garden that virtue touch of completion.

Make the most of your outdoor area

A small garden looks absolutely ravishing when it’s designed to complement the stand-out features of the building. So when you start landscaping your tiny yard, make sure to choose a theme to complete its architectural style. That way, you will be able to create a striking little garden that makes your home or office neat and welcoming.

Another factor to consider is location and climate. Embrace the local weather and the physical situation of your garden because at some point you start growing greens. The plants should match the garden theme but they also need to grow healthy for ultimate landscape aesthetics. And as we know, different plants thrive on different sunlight access, humidity, and temperature.

Maintain your dream garden

Small garden design with green plantsSmall gardens might lack some precious space but one of their biggest advantages is they are low maintenance. Your tiny living and green zones are easy to take care of and so is getting your garden in shape. When your bushes need a trim, patio needs jet washing, or grass patch needs mowing – the job can be done right away.

And whether you are a savvy gardener or just an enthusiast, it is always advisable to call professionals for a second opinion and some extra garden help. Pro gardeners have extensive experience with working with small spaces, so they can also help you with design ideas, planting, management, and year-round garden maintenance.

So don’t get discouraged if it looks like too much work or you are not sure if you are up for the challenge! We are here to help out, so you can enjoy a small garden, designed to your liking. Get in touch with our team to take advantage of professional gardening services.

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