Top 15 summer-blooming flowers for your summer garden

Top 15 summer-blooming flowers for your summer garden

As the summer season sets in and the weather get warmer, we are slowly starting to spend a lot more time on the outside. So what a better way to enjoy a wonderful afternoon or weekend in your backyard, than surrounded by vivid greenery and the pleasant smell of blooming summer flowers!

If you are wondering how to transform your garden into a lush paradise, make sure to check all of our summer flower suggestions we prepared for you this season.

Choosing the right summer plants for your garden

Choosing summer plants for your garden can make or break your outdoor space. There is no point in spending hours of your time to plant and take care of flowers if they don’t have enough space, proper growth spot, right soil type, etc, to develop to their full potential.

Even though it is super exciting to buy all the colourful blooms you can think of, you need to consider even the minor things about your planting site. So when you go seed or transplant shopping, ask yourself the following questions first:

  • Can these summer plants grow in the local climate?
  • Do you have enough available space for the flowers you chose?
  • Which types of summer blooms would fit your exterior and landscape?
  • How can you aesthetically arrange your garden greens, without overdoing it?
  • Which flower colours would work best together?

Once you manage to plan out your garden outline and expectations, you can pick the best blooms for your outdoor area. Ask a professional for advice if you are still unsure which summer flowers would be perfect for your backyard. 

And if you are looking for specific summer garden ideas right here and now – you have come to the right place! Keep on reading.

The best flowers to plant for a summer garden transformation

Here are our top choices for easy-to-grow summer flowers that will give you the summer garden transformation of your dream:

Black-eyed Susan

If you like to bring some bright colour and bushy volume to your summer flower garden, Black-Eyed Susans might be a perfect choice! These blooming summer plants are shaped like a big daisy flower with distinctive yellow petals and black or deep brown centres. Hence the name.

Black-Eyed Susans are hardy perennials that would best develop in full sun. However, they can thrive in partial shade as well. Easy to grow and take care of, these charming mid-summer flowers are ideal for a summer garden transformation. Black-Eyed Susans bloom for weeks so they will keep your outdoor space colourful and fun from early summer to early fall.


Lavender is known for its pleasant relaxing aroma that soothes the spirits and keeps many unfriendly insects away. It’s also been widely used in cosmetics, soaps, essential oils, and even in culinary. Besides all its superpowers, thanks to the beautiful blooming in vibrant purple hues, the fragrant herb has also found its way into regular summer gardens. 

Full sun exposure is an ideal condition to grow these romantic summer plants with tiny spike flowers and silvery leaves. The first flowering period of Lavender lasts for 4-6 weeks, followed by two more rounds of blooming. So when you have a lavender garden, you will be all set with pretty flowers for the entire season.


Delphinium is a traditional summer flower for home gardens for those seeking a standout effect. A sunny spot and good soil drainage are the best conditions to successfully grow delphiniums. They are particularly easy to grow and don’t have any other specific preferences to reach their potential.

Thanks to the dense flowering and the vivid spiky blooms covering the stem, delphiniums are a definite eye-catcher in any outdoor setting. Most commonly, you may find these summer plants in shades of purple, pink, blue and white. You may combine them with leafy greens or plant them as edging.


Are you ready to make a statement with your summer garden makeover? Then coneflowers will make all the difference. These beautiful greens are resistant to heat and drought, long-blooming and reliable. Coneflowers start flowering in mid-summer and continue to complement your garden all through fall. 

These sturdy summer plants offer more than just good looks and tough nature – they attract pollinators, birds and garden-friendly insects. In order to grow, coneflowers require full sun and moist well-drained soil. 


There is no doubt that Daylilies are some of the most beautiful summer plants you can grow in your garden. But what is even better, they are also pretty tough and drought-resistant. The flowers are easy to grow in full sun and partial shade.

As the name suggests, a mesmerizing bloom lasts only a day. However, you should not get discouraged because each plant produces dozens of flowers in mid and late summer. Daylillies are available in any combination of shades and colours you can think of and could have charming double or ruffled petals.


If you want to enjoy good old-fashioned blooms, then classic Dahlias will be an amazing addition to your full sun summer flower garden. Variations of these plants can be found in multiple sizes and colours of the rainbow, so it would be easy to find a type that fits the landscape aesthetic.

Plant the Dahlias at a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Blooming will start in mid or late summer. The flowers are durable and long-lasting, ideal for flower arrangements and bouquets. 


The mesmerizing Fuchsia is always a good choice for a seasonal garden. Typically, these summer flowers are known for their distinctive alluring form and their intense purple and pinkish colouration.

Available in many sizes and shade combinations, this delicate drooping flower is a trailing dream. It looks great on windowsills, container arrangement or planted in hanging baskets. Some upright varieties work great in a flower bed or traditional grounded garden.

Fuchsias are shade-loving and non-resistant to heat. Hence, these summer plants will thrive in a well-drained, partly sunny or shady site.

Limelight Hydrangeas

Are you looking for the perfect balance between a bushy summer green with big leaves and wonderful summer flowers with huge blooming? Plant the classic hydrangeas in your backyard, and you can have the best of both worlds. 

Limelight Hydrangeas grow best in full sun, but they also have a tolerance to partial shade. In any case, make sure to plant them in soil with good drainage properties. Hydrangeas make a perfect addition to hedgings and mixed borders. 


If you are looking for shade-loving summer flowers, then the Begonia should certainly be on your to-plant list. The bright colouration of these plants brings life and accent on lush green areas, pathway edgings, raised beds window boxes, hanging baskets, pots and flower displays. You can easily grow them anywhere as bedding flowers.

Unlike other summer plants, the stunning foliage is the most striking feature of the Begonias. However, the small petal flowering also has its pros, because these plants keep on blooming all season long. 


What better addition to your garden than the breathtaking showy Irises. These alluring summer flowers come in many varieties, forms and colouration. No matter which type you choose for the summer garden transformation, you get to enjoy a vibrant landscape.

Iris flowers will grow over and over again every year to surprise you with vivid blooms in early summer. These summer plants grow from underground rhizomes and thrive on fertile or neutral soil and full sun. 

Calla Lily

Even though Calla Lilies are mostly considered wedding and ceremonial flowers, that does not mean you should not grow them in your garden. Calla Lilies are the epitome of innocence and delicacy in summer flowers. With beautiful foliage and strikingly charming bloom shape, their lovely vibe is a chic addition to any landscape. 

The best thing is, you can find them in a variety of colours to fit your garden aesthetic and landscape theme! A warm sunny spot in your backyard would be ideal for growing these types of summer flowers.


Dianthus is considered one of the most fragrant summer plants. It blooms in pink, white, purple, and red hues and according to the type you choose, you can even have a hybrid colouration.

The sweet summer flowers grow low and thrive in full sun. Depending on local climate conditions and the plant variation you picked for the summer garden transformation, 

you can grow Dianthus as perennial or annual.


Yarrows are dazzling perennial flowers used excessively for a bouquet and dried flower arrangements, wreaths and other home decorations. They are also used in medicine and some cultures as a herb. With cute tiny blooms clustered together, this summer plant will make your backyard nice and beautiful. 

The flowers intensively start blooming mid-summer season and will keep the colour in your garden until early winter. Good soil drainage and full sun are the recipes for growing these hardy summer flowers. 

Stargazer lily

The wow factor is big with this one! With beautiful large petals and gorgeous flower shapes, the Stargazer Lilies can take your garden to the next level. But looks are not the best part of growing this type of summer plant – it is the fragrance. Stargazer Lilies have a strong unique aroma that will take you to Wonderland the moment you step foot out the door.

Growing a healthy Stargazer is quite easy. The flowers need full sun and well-drained soil but would also tolerate partial shade and good moisture. For the best visual effect in your garden, plant in groups and enjoy the blooms for a few weeks. 


Petunias are the most classic garden and windowsill summer plants. Almost every home has these charming small blooms decorating the landscape and house exterior. These hardy summer flowers are available in most of the colours you can think of, and bloom all season. 

Even though petunias are versatile and can grow in almost any type of soil, they won’t flower in the shade and also – don’t like humidity and rain. Hence, the best way to grow petunias is to place them in full sun and ensure the soil has good drainage properties.

Did you enjoy our summer garden ideas on what to plant for the warm season? If you need any help with planting or any other garden tasks, we have a team of professional gardeners in London, ready to land you a hand.

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