Top 20 garden design ideas on a budget for your garden

Top 20 garden design ideas on a budget for your garden

Landscaping takes time, patience, dedication, but it also needs minimal or big financial investment. So what happens when you want to execute beautiful garden ideas but you are money limited on the project? Definitely not a time to give up. There are some pretty nifty ways to enhance your garden without spending tons of money on it.

If you want to transform your small garden, make sure to check our suggestions here! Take a look at the best garden ideas on a budget and some more beautiful garden ideas!

The best small garden designs on a budget

The garden is the soul of any house, commercial or living space. That’s why it is essential to make the outdoor area a pleasant place for relaxation, fun, and recreation. And though landscaping is important to create a cozy vibe and make the yard look presentable, it is not always cheap to dive into design and decoration endeavors.

Our professional gardening team is here to change that and inspire you to explore creative garden design ideas on a budget:

Flower garden idea

When you take on budget-friendly gardening projects, the first thing on your mind should be how to get that wow effect without overspending. The answer is simple – flowers! A lush floral garden brings out the best of any outdoor area and the only things you need to buy are seeds or tubers, tools, and compost mix. 

The price of a flower bed varies depending on its size, type, and plant variation. The good news is, you can take the project as a DIY. Be prepared to spend quite some time soil working though. This is one of the beautiful garden ideas that requires time, skill, preciseness, and lots of potting, weeding, and soil amendments. 

Cottage garden

A nice cottage garden can add an old farm charm to your garden landscape. It is a nice way to retrofit sheds and farm buildings on your property, making them a functional and decorative outdoor feature. A farmhouse garden stands out with attention to detail. The design works well with slope terraces, lush lawn, and gravel, stone, or woodchip pathways leading to the different areas.

Woodland garden

Woodland is one of the garden design ideas on a budget that transforms your landscape into a mini jungle paradise. So if you want to bring the ultimate nature experience to your yard, a woodland garden might be just what you need. The charm of this type of landscape design is the transition from urban space to a natural surrounding. 

A raised stone patio between the porch and the focus green area is a pretty clever way to extend the living space in your wilderness-inspired garden. To ultimately improve the space lay irregular-shaped stone paths between the designated lush patches. Further complement the exterior of your property by adding a grill, artificial pond, or a fire pit.

Backyard stage

In case you have children on the lot, then we guarantee you they will love a solid concrete or stone deck in the backyard. Such an improv stage is great for improv child performances, but it is also a great feature to separate garden areas, serving a different purpose. This type of a raised patio is a perfect extension of the exterior as it can be decorated with potted plants, a living wall, or a DIY outdoor display.

Multi-use garden

When you have a tiny backyard and limited finances, you are bound to search for very small garden ideas on a budget. An essential part of landscaping a mini garden is to pay attention to all details so you make the best of the available space. Good design is oriented to making small areas work by adding multiple elements, serving different roles.

The secret is to find an inventive way of combining the functionalities of fundamental garden features into a whole outdoor component. There are many possibilities to make a small garden work. For example, a patio platform with a built-in fire pit or a thick-walled planter box converted into a seating area with cushions. Also, to save on space – skip on the classic lawn and ground-planted greenery. Install vertical planters, living walls, and raised flower beds instead.

Relaxing simple garden

Out of the many garden design ideas on a budget, this one contains all the basics yard elements such as a lawn, greens, patio, and relaxing area. If you are looking for a zen factor, then definitely adopt outdoor minimalism, bamboo, or boho-inspired landscape designs. 

One way to make space work is to add woven lounge chairs on the patio and install a hammock or swing for an ultimate unwind experience at home. A nice lawn area can make any landscape feel cozy. Let’s not forget to start a flower garden or plant shrubs and trees bordering the platform, pathways, or fencing to get the green wow factor on point.

Compact veggie garden

A great way to embrace small garden ideas on a budget is by starting a veggie garden. Basically, all you need to begin, except for seeds, is soil that can already be found in your bare backyard. The only things you need to consider beforehand are the local climate, shady and sunny spots, ground soil type, and its drainage properties. That way you can choose and grow veggies that will naturally thrive in the area.

Edibles cultivation is easy and relatively cheap to pull off. Still, one of the best things about this type of garden is you get to reap the benefits of your hard work by harvesting fresh homegrown vegetables. As a home gardener, you can tend the plants and oversee their growth process. Moreover, you can produce edibles sustainably, making sure your family does not eat chemically treated fruits and veggies.

Garden made of stones

A stone-themed garden has a unique charm that you can accomplish by investing in bluestone steps or mazeras stone tiles. The great thing about stone is it lasts, rarely breaks, and only requires jet washing maintenance 2-3 times a year.

Feel free to use stone tiles to mark paths or decorate raised platforms, ponds, and fountains. Surround the area with a lawn, shrubs, and blooming plants to bring vivid color to the landscape. A living wall is also a complementary feature to various stone installments.

Contemporary modern garden

A minimalist approach (‘less is more’) is vital to make a modern design work for your garden. Contemporary open spaces emphasize texture, subtle colors and forms, and stun with a carefully considered arrangement. So before you take on a project like that, make sure to consult with a garden landscaping professional. They can help you with design and execution. 

Multi-level garden

Leveled gardens have a mesmerizing appeal. Levels create a sense of harmony and allow proper display of all the important garden highlights while maximizing the use of horizontal and vertical space. 

No matter if you artificially build levels on flat ground or you make good use of a slope, a multi-level yard is a budget-friendly landscaping idea worth looking into. There are numerous possibilities to execute this garden design idea on a budget. Your job is to create a visible separation between garden levels and plan carefully. 

Here is an example of a leveled garden. Build a high garden deck near the building entrance for the highest level. Place tall containers or raised bed boxes along the platform sides to make a living fence of shrubs and flowers around the deck borders, as a second level. Add planters with mid-sized plants in front of the raised beds for a third layer and finish off with the last layer of small ground-planted greens or a freshly manicured lawn. 

Garden flower boxes

Just because you have a yard does not mean you get to plant all of your outdoor plants in the ground. Garden containers and flower boxes are actually a pretty decent garden add-on. There are way too many types of planters and containers to choose from, so we bet you can find something that fits your budget. 

The advantage of potted plants is they could be moved around the garden and placed on patios, platforms, vertical displays, pathways, and concrete. They are also less prone to weed and pest infestation. So don’t think twice – get them pretty flower boxes or build them yourself.

Small fountain garden 

Installing a fountain is one of the best small garden ideas on a budget. Water features bring life and zen to your garden retreat. Think of fountains as a one-time expense and plumbing work, followed by years of serenity and calming water sounds in your own backyard.

Whether you go for a sphere or raised water fountain, wall fountain, or a built-in waterfall centerpiece, such a water feature will make your garden look charmingly scenic and presentable.

Dining terrace garden

If your property’s backyard is situated on a gentle slope, then embracing this garden idea might redefine your garden space. It is always nice to have a designated area to dine and chill outdoors. Especially when it is a beautiful terrace garden, surrounded by greenery and/or a water feature.

Wooden patio garden

Wooden platforms and patios are classic in garden design and landscaping. Every home needs one in its backyard. Patios are a great area to dine, relax and hang out with family and friends outside. The only setback is building a patio might take a bit more skills and time than anticipated. So think about hiring pro gardeners or free yourself a weekend to do the job yourself.

Fish pond

Fish ponds are one of the greatest landscape features a modern garden could have. And even though it sounds crazy expensive to make, it could actually be pulled off on a budget. Our professional gardening team will guide you through the steps in the next segment.

Dig a hole for the pond (average depth is 60cm), add pond liner so the water stays in place, lay gravel at the bottom, secure and decorate the edges with stones, wood chips, and greenery of your choice. When you are finished – fill it up, add the fish, install a pump or filter box. And voila – you got a pond! 

Backyard garden playhouse

Children love to play outside, especially when they have a designated playhouse area. To be honest, this might not be one of the most affordable garden design ideas. But if you look at it from a long-term perspective, it is a one-time investment. You only build it once and it lasts for many years and generations to come. 

If you make a DIY playhouse, the only expenses will be the materials (you can buy recycled ones to save money). Or you can order a custom playhouse for your backyard online and get it delivered right to your door. 

Planted trees

Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden. Not only they provide shade and generate oxygen in your outdoors, but they also bring color and vibrance to the backyard. Once the trees grow tall and strong, you can start using them to put up hammocks or DIY swings. 

Moreover, a tree garden project is super easy and cheap to execute. And if you plant edibles like apple, cherry, apricot, etc, you get to reap the benefits of your garden work and dedication.

Colorful lanterns

There are many ways to embrace garden design ideas on a budget when it comes to yard lighting. Instead of investing in expensive illumination and garden lights, DIY or buy an alternative lighting source such as lanterns. 

Lanterns incite a cozy and homey atmosphere to the backyard. They make it look enchanting and could be used to illuminate pathways, patios, relax, and dining areas during the night. Note that they are easily inflammable so keep lanterns away from grills, fire pits, and combustible garden features.

Modern fencing

Fences are not only the border that zones a property and separates it from the neighboring areas, but it is also an enhancement of the landscape. So when considering garden design ideas on a budget, make sure you buy fencing that fits your exterior and is also modern, chic, and affordable. 

Some of the best fencing types that will save you money are contemporary style panels and wooden slats. Plastic fences are relatively cheap and will also do wonders for your garden. They could be painted a neutral color to bring a modern and minimalistic vibe to your home.

Recycle old furniture

A great approach to garden landscape decor is to repurpose or recycle old furniture. That way, you get to save money on buying new planters, furnishing, and outdoor decorations. It is also a small contribution to the environment. 

Almost everything can be recycled or reused in the garden. What you need to do is think outside of the box and explore possibilities to make old furniture a functional garden landscape feature. If the time has come to throw away your current garden furnishing, do not go to the nearest dumpster, call a recycling center instead and you might even get some small cash for it. 

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