Top 6 Expert Lawn Mowing Tips

Top 6 Expert Lawn Mowing Tips

Surely, you want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood and surely, you know that perfection requires efforts and expertise. That’s why, we’ve gathered all the best practices for taking care of your lawn and for mowing it properly. 

How to Take Care of Your Lawn? 

When you first moved into the house and planned your garden, you did not expect that the simplicity of the lawn would require sophistication in the maintenance. And that’s where you were wrong. If you want to have a green and healthy-looking lawn, but your kids spend too much time playing outdoors, then it could suffer from soil compaction. While this problem sounds hard to solve, you can actually save your lawn by aerating it. To check if that’s the problem, dig a square foot of grass and inspect the roots. And if you don’t have time for that, do not hesitate to ask for some professional help. Other ways of caretaking include, of course, the lawn seeding and fertilization. While those sound pretty logical on theory, they are often omitted in practice. 

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How to Mow Your Lawn Like an Expert? 

Now that you are following all the rules in taking good care of your lawn, it is time for mowing. And this regular activity could determine the look and the condition of your lawn to a great degree. So look at the tips and take them into account. 

1. Mow Weekly

The mowing schedule is one of the most often discussed gardening topic. Understandably, you would not prefer to be doing it too often, but the truth is that the weekly lawn mowing, which would remove ideally not more than 33% of the grass is the best practice. And if you see that the grass is growing even faster due to rain, for instance, then cutting it twice a week would be necessary. Only thus your lawn would look fit most of the time. 

2. Know the 3 Inches Rule

Very often gardeners get impatient and want to cut the grass once and for all, therefore mowing at more than 3 inches. However, that is a terrible mistake. Not only do imperfections become more visible then, but the blades of the lawn mower could actually damage the lawn and the soil. In addition, the shorter the grass is, the more difficult it is for it to retain water. And without this ability, your lawn is in danger. 

3. Cut the Lawn When It’s Dry

This is a tip, which is much harder to follow, as not only you should make time once or twice a week to mow your lawn, but you should make sure that the grass is dry. However, if you could, cut it when it is not too wet, as the blades may not be able to cut the grass then, but will tear it, which would damage the entirety of your lawn. 

4. Alternate the Mowing Direction

Mowing in the same direction is among the most common gardening mistakes. And luckily, one you could fix very easily. Alternating your mowing direction prevents ruts, keeps your grass straight instead of allowing it to lay in the direction you mow, and makes sure that the soil will not get compacted. 

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5. Edge Your Lawn 

Edging is for perfectionists, but the truth is that once you’ve established nice edges around your roadway, pathway, or driveway, maintaining them is a piece of cake, while the results are amazing. 

grass mowing process

6. Sharpen the Blades

Following the best practices is key for successful lawn mowing. But even the best professional could do nothing without a good instrument. And as we start talking about mowers, you should not only invest in purchasing a professional and easy to use one, but you should take care of it and sharpen the blades regularly. Only then you will be able to cut precisely.

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