Decking is an ultimate way to level and zone out important outdoor areas. Such platform installations bring attention to certain important facilities and make your open area a pleasant place to enjoy a morning coffee, a good book, or friends gathering.

There is no official lifespan of decking areas and constructions. How long a garden platform can perfectly withstand certain climate variations and usage depends mainly on the quality and type of materials used to build and secure it.

Decking design & construction

Professional Gardening experts got you covered when it comes to deck landscaping and design. Our experts in West London have years of decking gardening experience. We can offer solutions with a wild variety of materials and can design and install stylish deck constructions in your open space.

Design & preparation

Whether you decide on tiles or deck boards to be the basis of your leveling construction, our team can handle the work for you. From the initial consultation to advanced landscape design, we are able to layout the most suitable and working decking solution for your property type.

The perfect place for a deck is a flat level surface or over a concrete/patio ground. Handling everything from ground preparation (flattening, coverage with weed-suppressing supplements), space zoning, and establishment of the layer, under the decking - we take care of it all.


The decking project continues with the actual platform installation. Construction of the decking areas is a simple task for the professionals we work with. We consider factors such as property access, platform safety, privacy, sun/shade location, and existing garden features.

Best materials

Choosing the right materials plays a huge role in the decking lifespan and its basic durability. The most commonly used materials in decking landscaping are wood, bamboo, plastic composite, even sometimes gravel and concrete.

Depending on the local weather conditions and seasonal changes, we will consult you on what is the best decking material for your open areas that will last for years. We also take into consideration your personal choice and preferences, as well as the property layout and final result expectations.

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