Raised beds

Building raised flower beds is such a creative way to zone your green, flower, fruit, or veggie garden in style. There are many possibilities to introduce raised beds to your open space. You could make an ultimate garden in a big raised bed, or space out mini box gardens to complement your existing landscape or visually separate certain types of plants.

Some of the main advantages of raised garden beds include a better-controlled plant growing environment, better soil quality, less bending, easy pest control. Additionally, such outdoor installments allow you to plant more in a smaller space.

The standard raised beds in a rectangular shape are usually built from a rot-resistant wooden or concrete blocks, in order to withstand weather changes and limit weeding and infestation processes.

Raised beds - a quality home to your plants!

If you are looking for raised bed services in London, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced Professional Gardening team can build the yard features of your dreams in no time. Raised beds are going to change the way you do your gardening, style, and zone out your open space, so contact us now!


Raised beds building is not a hard task to handle but it certainly has its specifications. Some of the major factors to consider upon installation are allocating the perfect spot (sun/shade), determining the ultimate bed sizing, choosing proper soil and fertilizers according to the type of plants that would be planted in the raised beds.

Framing & Fitting

Not only we handle the raised bed building, but we also do framing and fitting to assure ultimate results for the certain garden type you go for. Proper sizing allows even xxx.

A must regardless of the garden type

No matter the garden type, there are a few things that should never be neglected. The first one is nutrition. The regular raised bed soil consists of topsoil, and a smaller amount of compost and potting soil. Knowing when to plant your greens and how to tend your garden is another must when it comes to raised beds.

Low maintenance

The best thing about raised beds is that the boxed garden platforms are extremely low maintenance. All you need to do is make sure there are no cracks in the beds whatsoever so that the garden plants could grow healthy and undisturbed in their little box of heaven.

As for the plants - just like any garden, they require regular watering, weeding, and feeding, but that is nothing we cannot handle for you.

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