Garden turfing is the process of rebuilding your lawn with new turf. Usually, lawn grass wears out after a few years and starts looking dull and unpleasant. So once you are ready to start over with fresh and lush green grass, and you know it’s time for improvement - it’s time for lawn replacement.

Turfing a lawn is regularly done once every 1-3 years in mid-autumn, early winter or early spring. Depending on the current lawn and soil conditions, you have to make a decision to proceed with garden turfing or wait it out for another year. The nifty process requires a lot of time, work and dedication, but we are here to take this task off your shoulders!

Turfing & Lawn Replacement

Our professional lawn replacement and turfing services are suitable for all the busy people who want to enjoy a lush garden but have no free time to spare on it. We have years of experience with turfing procedures and extensive knowledge about soil. Get in touch today to book a dedicated garden makeover!

Area clearance & Preparation

The first step in lawn replacement is garden clearance and preparation. That includes removing all dead plants and debris laying around, taking care of the waste and application of invasive plants removal procedures. Once we clear the area and take care of the rubbish, we will prepare for turfing.

Soil turnover & aeration

We pay close attention to important details such as soil turnover and turf aeration. Our background of soil care allows us to opt for maximizing turfing results. The ultimate timing to improve turf quality through aeration is while it’s in a growth stage, and always before the use of starter fertilizer and water crystals.

Laying & Edging

After we get the ground fully prepared and leveled for lawn replacement, it is a convenient time to start laying new turf. The turf needs to be placed along a straight edge with no space between the subsequent rows. It is important to always take care of the edges, defining an aligned decorative border around the turf.


As a respectful garden turfing service, we know just how to take care of your natural installments. Proper maintenance of the turf requires watering early in the morning or late in afternoon. We mow only the dry and healthy lawn, fertilize up to 3 times per year, and avoid unnecessary mulching.

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