Garden Clearance

Any beautiful outdoor space needs care and attention, but most importantly - a regular garden clearance. From invasive plant removal and leaf clearance to garden waste removal, the annual cleaning process is an absolute must.

Sufficient garden clearance is done at the beginning of spring and the end of autumn (before and after the first and last winter frost). However, sometimes due to bad weather, unfortunate weed growth, or crop damage, plants need some additional clearance effort so they could thrive to their full potential.

Garden Clearance will turn your place in a dream garden

Garden waste removal should no longer be your concern. Our professionals are here to assist you with gathering, collection, and disposal of debris. We are based in West London and are always eager to help with your garden clearance.


The first and most important step of garden clearance is the collection of debris, dead plants, leaves, and branches, that are spread around your outdoors. That includes weeding and invasive plants removal of dead or deceased greens that might hurt your healthy crops.

Rubbish removal

Gardens full of rubbish honestly look nasty and can make any open-air space unpleasant. That type of unnatural waste negatively affects the factors that stimulate plant growth. It pollutes the soil, interferes with water drainage, and prevents sunlight from reaching the plants. Leave the garden rubbish clearance to us, and enjoy a neat outdoor area every season.


At Professional Gardening, we value sustainability that is why it is our priority to help you make the best decisions for your garden. That includes taking care of tools, plastic, and other waste that could easily be recycled.

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