Jet Washing

Jet washing (also known as pressure washing) is the most efficient way to clean your patios, decks, sidewalks, and driveways. It uses the latest technology to water-wash and remove stubborn stains from hard surfaces, leaving them squeaky clean, like they are brand new. Keep your guests delighted by the on-point landscape presentation and enjoy a perfect shiny outdoor environment.

One of the best qualities of jet washing is that it cleans moss and dirt from slates and bricks perfectly and you do not need to use this service daily. However, for long-term results, we would advise a repetition of the procedure once every 2-3 months or when needed.

Jet washing making your outdoor surfaces look new

If you need comprehensive cleaning services for your garden space in West London, get in touch and we will come jet washing the dirt from your patio and driveway. Are you ready for the outdoor surfaces of your property to look brand new?

Removal of stubborn stains and build-ups

You will be amazed to find out how much the real color of your pavement has been altered thanks to constant dirt build-up. Luckily, getting rid of stubborn stains like lime, leaf matter, and dried out debris, is just one phone call away. Our professionals will take your landscaping to a whole nother level.

Various surfaces included

Jet washing is a perfect cleaning solution for all kinds of flat concrete, bricks, and outdoor pavements. The water pressure cleaning power can turn any paving or pathway into a perfect example of a maintained property.

Restoration and maintenance of surfaces

Thanks to the technology of jet washing, your old rusty surfaces could easily be restored to their shiny original state. This system is also ideal for the maintenance of hard pavings because the water pressure cleaning does not hurt the top layer of your decking or patio (when it is not overused).

Protect & Stabilise your paving

Applying a protective block paving sealer after a pressure wash, would prolong the lifespan of the paving, protecting and stabilizing it in the long term. Sealing the paving slows down the surface weathering, while it protects and stabilizes your outdoor surface. Also, a block paving sealer can stop the weeding process on the cracks and edges.

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