Lawn Care & Mowing

A lush green lawn is one of the best landscape features of outdoor spaces. It opens up the garden area and provides a safe space to enjoy your free time, relax, and unwind. However, growing grass is not as easy as it looks, nor is its sustenance.

Lawn maintenance and regular mowing are key in having a healthy-looking green space. Even though it sounds like a simple task, when it comes to execution - you might need the help of professional lawn care services.

Grooming your lawn will keep it fresh and green, free of weeds and damage from external aggressors. The basic mowing needs of your lawn might vary depending on the season, local weather conditions, and your property expectations. Typically, in warm seasons, lawns require excessive care, attention, and weed control.

Keeping your lawn perfect becomes easier than ever!

Are you tired of mowing the lawn by yourself? Let us do the work for you and get this one off your to-do list! We can assist with mowing and edging, as well as got your back to remove thatch, weeds, and moss to improve drainage, stimulate aeration, feed, and water the grass. Our Professional Gardening team is ready to promptly respond to all your lawn care and mowing needs in West London.

Grass trimming

Trusting a professional lawn care service will save you time and will help you avoid any crucial mistakes when caring for the lush areas. Our expert gardeners know all the specifications when grass trimming. We work with care and attention to assure no damage is caused to the lawn and the grass can continue to grow healthy after mowing the lawn.


After the grass is trimmed and the lawn is looking sharp, it’s time to manually take care of its borders and edges. Their maintenance is a must-do unless you want to have an outdoor space with uneven grass height. The procedure requires steady hands and gardening equipment such as edging shears or a half-moon edging tool.

Lawn feeding

Lawn feeding is a vital part of lawn care. To make sure your grass will have the perfect conditions available to grow and thrive, we apply established procedures and quality control strategies. The process of applying fertilizer helps lawn regeneration, stimulates growth, and prevents the establishment of weeds and moss.

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