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7 great fall flowers for a more colourful and gorgeous garden

fall flowers for your garden

7 great fall flowers for a more colourful and gorgeous garden

Fall is coming and you know what that means – garden transformation! Time to prepare your backyard for the new season and grow wonderful fall flowers to bring colour and life to it. 

If you are looking for the perfect fall plants, stay around because we’ve got you covered.

Why do you need fall flowers?

First and foremost, fall flowers are a great way to transform your garden on a budget. Nothing is more frustrating than switching from a vivid summer garden to a faded yellowish and brownish one. 

Another reason to plant fall plants is for garden aesthetics. By starting fall-blooming flowers, you will continue to enjoy a blooming array of shapes and colours that fit your landscape way after summer has passed. 

The best time to plant fall flowers is considered mid-August. But before you start planting, note that some young fall plants cannot endure high temperatures. Thus, be careful not to heat stress your new plants.

Check the required growing conditions on the plants’ labels, to ensure you are not starting too late or too early. Alternatively, look for a professional gardening service to consult you and help you prepare for the fall.

7 great ideas for fall flowers


These gorgeous fall flowers are ideal for a post-summer garden glow up because they keep the vivid yellow colour in the yard until late October. With beautiful golden clusters of small flowers, the goldenrods can be the showstopper of your garden until winter comes. They are also low maintenance and keep beneficial insects around.

Goldenrods grow best in full sun and thrive in an outdoor garden, planted in rich soil with good drainage properties. The yellow flowers require medium moisture at all times, so make sure to water them regularly.

Hardy Fuchsia

Another great choice for a fall garden spin is the hardy fuchsia. The beautiful fall flower stands out with an eye-catching petal shape and stunning vibrant colouration. Flowering season ends at the first frost, so you can keep the garden blooming up until November. 

Hardy Fuchsias can be grown anywhere, in partial shade. The flowers can withstand harsh weather and flourish both planted in containers and directly into the garden soil. For optimal development, fuchsias demand well-drained soil rich in nutrients and water.


Amaranthus are stunning ornamental plants, a perfect addition to a fall garden. With gorgeous dramatic foliage and striking hanging tassels of flowers, amaranthus will win your sympathies. And will leave your backyard looking gaudy and exotic.

These impressive fall flowers need a daily dose of 5-6 hours of sunlight to grow well. The perfect soil for growing amaranthus is moist soil with good drainage, rich in phosphorus and nitrogen. 


Cornflower is one of the fall flowers you should not miss out on. The blooming plant mixes well with other garden flowers. It stands out with vivid colours, silvery-green leaves and showy petal shapes. Adding cornflower plants to beddings and borders will grant a gorgeous display with a touch of purple, white, pink or blue.

Hardy fall flowers like the cornflower grow well in almost any type of well-drained neutral soil, including chalky, loamy, clay and even sandy soil. For the healthiest development, plant the cornflowers in a full sun garden spot.


Looking for something more exotic? Canna is one of the most magnificent fall flowers you can have in your garden. These impressive plants are the perfect tropical feature with eye-catching colourful blooms and large dramatic foliage. The blooming season continues from mid-summer to the first frost.

The tender perennials are ornamental and can be grown in a garden or in a container display outside or inside. Canna flowers should be planted in full sun or partial shade, fertile and moist soil. Make sure to water regularly and add fertilizer.


Chrysanthemums are some of the most popular and affordable fall flowers that come in many shapes, colours and sizes. Finding one to fit your landscape and expectations will not be a hard task. What’s best, planting chrysanthemums will keep the lively vibe of your garden for the whole fall season.

These fall plants come in different sizes, so they can be accustomed to your needs – grown in the ground or in pots and planters. What’s expected of you is to provide slight shade, bright light, well-draining soil with consistent moisture and remove wilted buds.

Japanese Anemones

Versatile border flowers like Japanese Anemones will bring life to your landscape during the fall season. Bloom shades of these fall flowers range from white and yellow to pink and dark purple. The cute tiny flower shapes are a charming way to keep garden colours on point. 

Japanese Anemones are low maintenance plants that like full sun and partial shade. To grow to their full potential, plant them in soil rich in nutrients, with good drainage.

Did you find your fall garden inspiration, yet? If so, request a free quote by sending us an email!

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