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5 benefits of using Jet Washing services

Jet Washing

5 benefits of using jet washing services

Weeds are aggressors your garden does not need. They grow and spread rapidly, suppress your ornamental crops and edibles, and are a nightmare to get rid of once they go out of control. The good thing is, some effective techniques can lead your garden to a weed-free path. 

Keep on reading for pro tips on how to properly manage your plants and eradicate weed problems in the long term.

1. Safe for you and your garden

The best advantage of using jet washing services is safety. By entrusting gardening experts, you can be sure that the areas are treated the best way possible, without the use of any harmful cleaning agents.

Pressure jet washing is safe for the environment. The procedure is eco-friendly, uses less water, does not pollute the soil and underground waters, and requires no harsh chemicals to clean well. All you need to successfully blast the filth and grime out is fresh clean water.

Jet washing is also child and pet-friendly. No need to worry if your precious ones might be exposed to toxic substances during and after the treatment. On top of that, jet washing cleans so well that your pets and kids would be able to play and relax in a garden space free of dirt, germs, insects, rust, pollen, and algae. This results in a healthy environment, with great conditions for those struggling with allergies and asthma.

2. Can be used on many types of surfaces

Interested in jet washing patio furniture, decks, platforms, driveways, pathways, roofs, or other hard outdoor exteriors? Or maybe you want to clean a few of those in the same appointment? Professional jet washing services are just what you need since pressure washing is suitable for many different types of surfaces.

Pressure jet washing is a perfect method for deep cleaning of:

  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Sheds
  • Garden Furniture
  • Patios
  • Decks & platforms
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Natural stone
  • Empty pools

Of course, with the do’s come the don’ts. Here is what NOT to use jet washers on:

  • Old or lead paint
  • Stained wood
  • Laminar sandstone
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Old mortar bricks
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Light Fixtures
  • AC & electrical units

Now that you know where to and where not to clean with pressure washers, think about the problematic sites on your property. Allocate the areas that might use a quality deep clean and go ahead with professional jet washing services.

3. The procedure is fast

Who likes spending their entire day cleaning their garden? Nobody. In fact, that sounds terrible. Cleaning is a tedious task by itself, but when it comes to removing any kind of build-up by hand, brushing and scrubbing could feel like a tiring, neverending or impossible assignment.  

If you have a serious build-up, rust, or algae on your garden surfaces, cleaning it off by hand is not a viable solution to the problem. Even if you scrub a lot with different tools and even with chemicals, the chances are you would not be able to get it all out. Or at least, not as fast as you would like. A jet washer can save the day!

Jet washing helps effectively clean landscape features and surfaces swiftly. No matter how much build-up there is. The treatment saves much time and grants way greater results when compared to manual washing. This procedure is even faster when performed by skilled professionals, who know how to work their way around the garden with the jet washer.

4. Great for pest control

Clean surfaces are less likely to attract pests and harmful insects to your garden. For that reason, keeping your surfaces in their best condition is a somewhat prevention technique. 

But even if you already have an infestation, using jet washing services is a great way to eliminate existing pests and destroy their nests. The pressure is high enough to clean even between the tiniest of crooks where pests tend to hide or lay their eggs. There is no other garden cleaning method that can help you get rid of invasive insects entirely. 

5. Kills off germs and bacteria 

Outdoor furniture and hard garden surfaces are pretty much exposed to germs all the time. By using, touching, or sitting on those surfaces, you unconsciously get exposed to that same bacteria, too. That is why maintaining your garden as clean as possible with jet washing services is a must. 

Pressure jet washing does a wonderful job cleaning up any type of natural build-up, even through the surface cracks. Not only does it remove the dirt, moss, rust, and algae, but it also kills off the bacteria and germs thriving in the build-up. 

Why choose our jet washing services?

The team at Professional Gardening includes expert gardeners based in London. We can revive your beautiful backyard with the power of pressure washing. Using our jet washing services means you will get more free time, save money from purchasing gear, and get the job done right. 

Are you ready to clean and restore your garden surfaces? Get a quote for our jetwashing services now.

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