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7 cheap and easy garden ideas that you have to try

Garden Clearance, 7 cheap and easy garden ideas that you have to try, gardening projects

Cheap and easy garden ideas that you have to try!

Add a water feature

Adding a water feature is an ideal solution if you want to create a relaxing area in your yard. Water installments like ponds, fountains, and artificial waterfalls attract wildlife and are all about embracing tropical and zen vibes. Such garden features are low-key luxurious but at the same time quite easy and affordable to construct and install. 

While some water features do cost a fortune, ponds are very simple to pull off as a cost-effective DIY project. All you need is gardening tools, pond linen, a net, and stones to secure the linen. 

Another way to stay on a low garden budget is to put up a simple tiny bird bath or decorative fountain. If you are looking to upcycle old furniture like sinks and baths, bury them fully or partially, fill them with water, and put a creative spin on the idea of an outdoor water feature.

Add more lights

Good lighting is super important, even outdoors. You would be surprised to learn how a few additional lighting sources can literally light up the space and make it cozier. Depending on the garden design you try to pull off, there are different budget-friendly solutions.

One of the most visually appealing lighting installations to consider is cable-connected yellow light bulbs. If you are trying to be even more cost-effective or want to save money on the electricity bill, go for wonderful lanterns or solar-powered garden lights. 

Plant trees and flowers

Planting flowers is one of the simplest budget garden ideas, yet, they can totally transform your outdoor space. Plant your new greenery into flower beds or pots and bring your garden back to life with an extra splash of green and vivid colors. 

Adding trees to the landscape is another great budget project for your garden. You can make a bold statement with blooming trees, exotic trees, evergreens, or even fruit-bearing ones. As a result, you get a new garden feature, extra shade from the sun, and more privacy in your own garden.

All you need to do to make it happen is buy seeds or transplants, choose a proper place for planting them, and get to work. 

Climbing plants

Climbing plants are a superb choice for outdoor spaces. Not only do they save space by growing upwards but could also be utilized to make living arches, garden frames, and more! 

These types of plants are amazing means to cover walls and fences, as well as create lush green walls or stunning vertical garden displays. And the best thing is, they are relatively inexpensive and will save you money on replacing hideous fences and restoring old walls.

Build shelves from old furniture

You don’t need to break the bank to get impressive shelving displays. Utilize old furniture instead! That way you get to keep your worn-out items, put them to good use in the garden, and not throw them away as unnecessary waste. 

Old cabinets, drawers, palettes, and ladders are perfect for executing this type of easy DIY garden idea. What a great way to upcycle and save extra money on new furniture, right?

Use indoor accessories

Outdoor ornaments are oftentimes super expensive. So every time you have the opportunity to utilize indoor accessories outside, you better seize it. It is a great way to repurpose furniture and double it up as an indoor/outdoor feature. 

Create a modern storage place

Storage space is a must for every garden. Whether you need a place to put away tools, machinery, cushions, decorations, or recreational objects, garden storage will always provide. It helps organize stuff and provides much-needed shelter from bad weather, water damage, etc.

There are many budget garden ideas to consider. For example, transform recycled pallets and assemble them into modern storage structures, seats, and boxes. Another option is to upturn crates and stack them for a chic contemporary statement. Use the new structure as a shelving, to display garden goods, accessories, and beautiful potted plants.

Making your garden comfortable might be challenging 

Even though we make improving a garden as simple as possible, it does not mean you should not turn to garden experts for help and advice. Professional Gardening Services can help you achieve outdoor goals by sticking to your budget and taking all major maintenance and gardening tasks off your shoulders.

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