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Garden Maintenance in the summer. 6 professional tips

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Summer Garden Maintenance: 6 Professional Tips

Maintaining a presentable and neat summer garden is no small feat. Behind the polished look and lush summery aesthetics lie hours of work and dedication. Indeed, to maintain the appeal of your outdoor space, there are a few basic garden maintenance tasks you need to attend to. 

Discover more about efficient summer garden maintenance, implement our professional tips, and take advantage of our garden maintenance services.

The Beauty of the Summer Garden

Summer gardens are all about blooming flowers, lush green walls, trimmed lawns, mesmerizing plant displays, beautiful outdoor features, and garden furniture. This is the season that makes everything in a landscape a bit more floral, wild, and exciting.

Here are some of the top professional gardening tips for efficient garden maintenance:

  1. Mow and water your lawn frequently
  2. Do light summer pruning on shrubs and trees
  3. Take care of your potted plants
  4. Watch out for pest infestations and diseases
  5. Remove dead plants from the garden
  6. Keep your outdoor furniture in good condition


Garden maintenance is essential for maintaining a cozy outdoor space. Exceptional backyards require care and attention to preserve their appealing and authentic look. If you ignore the needs of your garden, it will soon start looking overgrown, abandoned, and chaotic. 

Garden Maintenance Tips

Mow Your Lawn and Water It Frequently

A lush lawn is one of the classic features of a presentable summer garden. That’s why lawn maintenance is at the top of our list. Proper grass care starts with the right mowing pattern and schedule. Here’s what you need to know.

Cut the grass regularly, once per week. The rule of thumb is to trim ⅓ of the grass growth. Mow in rows, in straight repetitive lines. Avoid mowing in the same direction each week because it compacts the grass, reduces airflow, encourages disease spreading, and damages the lawn. Instead, change the mowing direction every session.

Summertime is known for its high temperatures and strong (and lawn-damaging) sun rays and reflections. Thus, to have a healthy lawn and avoid grass burns and spots, you need to adopt a sufficient watering schedule. Watering two or three times per week will ensure your grass stays green and healthy. 

Summer Pruning

Tree and shrub pruning is another garden maintenance task that you should not overlook during the warmer months. Summer pruning helps limit extreme overgrowth and keeps plants healthy. The process involves removing excessive growth, discarding stems, and cutting off dead and diseased branches.

There are different types of pruners you can use, depending on your greenery and their needs. The best time for a summer pruning session is between June and July. During this period, the vegetative development of trees, shrubs, and hedges is at its peak, so plants can heal quickly before winter arrives. 

The positive effects of green pruning include boosting new growth, encouraging fruition and intense flowering, fighting disease and pest infestations, and of course, maintaining the visual aesthetics of a garden.

Caring for Plants in Shady Areas

Typically, potted plants prefer shady areas instead of full sun exposure. With this in mind, ensure your container plants are placed in a shady area of your garden and are never left in the sun for too long. 

Otherwise, the scorching sun can overheat and damage the potted plants, and even burn them. As part of the seasonal garden maintenance, check on your potted plants regularly. Make sure they are watered adequately and the soil is not getting too hot.

Be Vigilant About Pests

Pest management is extremely important in the summer season when almost all harmful insects and animals are active. Staying aware of pests and keeping potential infestations in check is key to good garden maintenance. Watch for signs of pests daily. If you can detect them in the early stage, they will be easier to treat. 

Some of the signs that your garden plants might be under attack by unwanted visitors include:

  • Abnormal discoloration
  • Odd stunted plant growth
  • Holes in the leaves
  • Leaf chew marks on the foliage
  • Leaves curling up and falling down
  • Slime trails on the plants
  • Frequent sightings of ladybugs
  • Frequent sightings of flies
  • Chewed up roots
  • Dug up holes in the garden beds
  • Animal droppings among the greens


If you notice any of these signs, the next step in garden maintenance is to find the best treatment and apply it. 

Remove Deadheads

Another task to consider this summer is the removal of dead plants. This garden maintenance task allows gardeners to control infectious diseases and maintain a lively outdoor space. Dead plants do not belong in the garden, regardless of whether they died from insect damage, disease, natural causes, or other external factors. 

Get Creative with Garden Furniture

The last garden maintenance tip on our list is to take care of your outdoor furniture. After all, it transforms your garden into a space where you can socialize, relax, and spend quality time with the people you love. Feel free to explore unique, creative, and interesting ways to turn landscape features into garden furniture. Jet wash your patio furniture and other hard surfaces at the beginning and towards the end of the season to keep them looking polished and brand new.

Does this sound like too much work? Sometimes, garden care can be overwhelming, and you might start to wonder, “Is there a service for garden maintenance near me?”. If you are based in London, the answer is Yes.

Who said you have to do everything alone? There’s no need to waste your time and energy when you can leave it to the professionals. Take advantage of our lawn maintenance and garden maintenance services in London. 

Our team of professional gardeners can transform and maintain the appealing appearance of your summer garden. We offer a variety of gardening services and work at some of the most affordable garden maintenance prices in the area. Get in touch now to get a free quote!

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