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6 stylish garden storage ideas that will be helpful during the fall season

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6 stylish garden storage ideas that will be helpful during the fall season

The fall season is the perfect time for yard maintenance and garden clearance. But once you start clearing up your garden for winter, eventually you have to put tools, machinery, and summer furniture away. That is why every gardening household needs to have functional garden storage space to store the goods when snow and frost hit.

Garden storage makes a huge difference in cooler months, as it protects your stuff from rotting, erosion, and other severe cold or water damage. The storage area needs to be easily accessible, and large enough to host all your gardening stuff. For aesthetic reasons, it should fit the garden scene.

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If all the functionality, durability, and design boxes are ticked, you will end up with more than an area of storage. You will have a stylish upgrade to your backyard and leave the garden worries behind in cold months. 

Read this article for some inspiring and stylish garden storage ideas. All of these will help you during the fall season and make your garden look much better. 

Why do you need good garden storage solutions?

First and foremost, homebase garden storage is a highly effective way to organize things. Benches, boxes and sheds allow you to stock all gardening stuff in one place. No more roaming around the yard and the basement, looking for the lawnmower or the garden clippers. 

The second reason to get a garden storage instalment is for preservation purposes. Residential store spaces protect and preserve your goods from foreign damage all year long. Especially during late fall and winter when temperatures fall, humidity rises and everything left out in the garden is bound to suffer the consequences.

Invest in outdoor storage unit of high quality

Another perk of garden storage is embracing the opportunity to incorporate it into your outdoor design. There are many storing schemes you can use for landscaping inspiration. Go with garden storage boxes, sheds, functional footstools, benches, or racks that match the backyard style and exterior vibe. 

Always invest in an outdoor storage unit of high quality. The goal is to make the storage space look neat and discreet, without compromising on design, size, and material. By doing that you get to enjoy a presentable new element in your garden that will serve its purpose for years to come, not just for a season.

6 stylish ideas that will be helpful during the fall

Garden storage large and small boxes

Garden storage boxes are one of the simplest and most affordable solutions for fall preparation. Purchase large or small boxes at any gardening store or work on a custom DIY project at home. Just make sure you are not compromising on quality.

The best material for a garden storage box is considered durable wood or treated timber, reinforced by galvanized metal. Every spring or summer, apply wood treatment to the box to keep it in good condition. Alternatively, feel free to go for a plastic box or a built-in stone/brick box if it better fits your garden aesthetic. 

Small or Large garden storage boxes

Also, make sure your garden storage boxes are practical. Depending on individual needs, these can be used for different purposes. If big enough, boxes can be heavy-duty or multipurpose and store everything that has no business lying around in the yard away. 

Small boxes are ideal for storing hand tools and gear, or other non-garden-related and recreational objects. On the other hand, large garden storage boxes are good for putting away wellies, protective clothing, jet washers, and mid-size tools and machinery. Get a lockable box if you store expensive items.

Garden storage bench

Want to utilize your storage space? Find the balance between usability and functionality. Get an outdoor bench with a secret built-in box or cabinets. That way you get a cool piece of furniture and a practical unit to store your garden supplies, at the same time.

Installing a garden storage bench is always a good idea. Every backyard setting needs a seating assembly to encourage spending extra time outdoors. Add cushions to make the bench even more welcoming and comfortable. Just remember to put the seating pads in storage during rainy, snowy, and humid weather.

Custom storage

The best thing is, that storage benches can be customized. You can alter their design to look more vintage or modern, to best complement the outdoor ambience. Feel free to order or build a tailored seating unit, or purchase a bench from any home and garden market. 

Garden furniture covers

If you have no storehouse for your patio furniture for late fall and winter, there is an alternative way to protect it. Even though they are not typical garden storage items, covers are specially designed to grant an extra layer of protection. That way, the furniture stays intact under the covers until it is time to utilise it again in spring. 

The protective cases keep the furniture shielded from potential weather damage, dust and dirt accumulation, tree sap and pollen stains, falling branches, and more. For that reason, waterproof coverings are crucial for garden areas with hard-to-store dining sets, outdoor seatings and lounge chairs. 

Most reliable materials

The most reliable materials for garden furniture covers are water-resistant with superior fast-drying properties and UV resistance. Some of the best fabrics worth mentioning are vinyl-coated polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, and Textilene.

Putting on a garden furniture cover is as easy as it can be. All you need to do is select the right size cover and wrap the furniture so the sheltering case fits. Make sure the sheet covers all the soft parts (fabric and filler) but is not touching the ground. It is essential not to cease the flow of air under the cover, otherwise, you have to deal with mold and mildew.

Garden storage shed

Are garden boxes, covers, and secret compartments not your cup of tea? Then one of the best alternative garden storage ideas would be setting or building a shed. 

Sheds work especially well for big yards, as they have lots of available space that can be utilized to protect your garden goods from damage. As a result, you get a new garden feature and a private storehouse at the same time. 


Like the other garden storage solutions, sheds can be customized to match the landscape. Inside, you can install racks, boxes, cabinets, and worktables to optimize storage and item arrangement. On the outside, you can paint the shed, treat the walls, and install vertical gardening solutions or shelves to display outdoor decor and potted plants.

A traditional shed will take up a larger area but it’s ideal for storing tools, equipment, machinery, furniture, mowers, jet washers, and more. If your space is limited, then you can go for a small-sized wooden shed that is a great choice for storing toolboxes and smaller garden items.

Stylish tool rack

If space-saving in the garden is a priority, then you might want to invest in a tool rack. Racks can be set up on an outer wall or solid fence. The installation process will take no more than 10-15 minutes. For your convenience, choose a place you can easily access while handling gardening chores. 

Who said traditional tool racks are all plain and unattractive? Looks are all about the effort you intend to put into the garden storage project. Think unconventionally. Even the plainest wooden rack can be turned into a fancy garden feature. All it needs is a quality paint job, stylish design, and chic supporting decor like shelves with potted greens.

Vertical garden storage

Vertical garden storage allows you to effortlessly put away and/or display large garden maintenance tools. Rakes, spades, fork hoes and other heavy-duty items can barely fit in the other types of storage units. On the contrary, outdoor racks come in handy with their hanging properties. 

Useful footstools

Nothing makes the fall season better than some fun time outdoors. Whether placed on a patio, lawn, balcony, or a raised platform, the good old garden furniture makes every hangout better. And footstools are no exception.

Footstools are lightweight, easy to move, and take minimal space. Making them a perfect garden storage unit to add to your existing lounge set or bench arrangement. With some extra storage, these stools prove to be a useful enhancement to any garden area. Oh, and they will provide comfort for your legs after a tiring day in the garden.

Cons of footstools

The only downside of getting footstools with storage is the limited space to put things away. Footstool boxes are tiny and barely fit multi-purpose items. The good news is, that this type of garden storage can accommodate all your small gardening tools or be repurposed into a pet’s or kid’s toy box, or family game storage box. 

Bringing garden storage ideas to life

Turning a garden storage inspiration into reality is easier than ever. Most renovation depots and gardening markets offer ready-to-install outdoor storage solutions. What is demanded of you is to make the right choice, depending on your budget, available space, landscape features, and functionality expectations.

Of course, making this type of long-term decision about your garden can be stressful. What if there is a better alternative, what if the placement is not perfect or you have trouble putting the segments together? In those cases, you can count on our professional gardening services in London.

Why choose us?

Our experts in the landscaping field can help you find the ultimate solution to your fall storage inquiries. Let us lend you a hand in storage installation and maintenance, as well as help with extensive garden care – planting, mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding, garden clearance, and more!

Get in touch to get a quote and transform your garden for the fall and winter seasons.

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