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Garden maintenance and Professional Gardening Services

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Garden maintenance in West London and Professional Gardening Services

The secret to a beautiful and neat garden is garden maintenance. Regular and seasonal care for your outdoor space ensures your plants grow healthy and your backyard looks presentable. 

Garden maintenance takes lots of time and dedication. Not everyone has that much free time or impeccable gardening skills to pull it off, especially when it comes to mid-size and big yards. That is why, to help you keep a wonderfully lush garden all year round, we would like to get you acquainted with our partners – Professional Gardening Services.

Professional Gardening Services is a West London-based company with top-notch garden maintenance solutions. Check out all their options for a spotless garden.

What do they offer?

Efficient garden maintenance combines essential gardening tasks. These tasks are fully oriented toward the preservation of plants, patio furniture, garden features, installments, and basically, anything that makes up your garden space. They also help elongate the life of your garden elements and prep the area for the upcoming seasons.

Garden clearance

Garden clearance is one of the most important garden maintenance tasks. Professional Gardening Services can clean up your garden and prepare it to survive the harsh winter season and thrive during spring. 

The procedure includes the removal of invasive growth, leaf clearance, debris collection, and waste disposal. There are three main steps to efficient clearance:

  • Collection 
  • Removal
  • Disposal/Recycling

The first step

The first step is the collection of small and large debris such as stones, pebbles, branches, leaves, diseased plants, and weeds. Then the expert gardeners remove invasive growth and take the rubbish away from the premises to dispose of it with sustainability in mind. Needless to say, recycling and disposal of garden waste have never been easier.

Ideally, the garden clearance chore should be done twice a year. Once before and once after the winter frost. Thus, the best time for clearance efforts would be the end of autumn and the beginning of spring.

Hedge trimming

Do you have hedges in your garden? Then you probably know what a struggle it is to keep them in their best condition. Handling overgrowth, cutting off dead branches, shaping up the bushes, and so on. At the end of the day, hedges have this one big thing in common – they all need regular and seasonal trimming. 

Hedge trimming is another garden maintenance service our gardening partners from West London could help you with. Thanks to their extensive experience in pruning and trimming, they can keep both the good health and the nice appearance of your hedges. Your ornamental greenery will always be taken care of, no matter the season.

Jet washing

Jet washing is a vital part of garden maintenance. Even if everything else in your outdoor area looks great, buildup on the outer walls, fences, patio, walkways, and even on the furniture could ruin the neat garden aesthetic.

Dust accumulation, dirt buildup, weed sprouting, and moss look unpleasant and give off a vibe that the garden space is dirty. But they are also a part of the natural processes happening outdoors, so it is not something you can fully control. The good news is, with jet washing assistance by Professional Gardening Services, your garden surfaces will be left squeaky clean and shining like new.

Lawn Care & Mowing

Nothing screams a presentable garden more than a lush and well-taken-care-of lawn. That is the reason lawn care and mowing are considered essential garden maintenance tasks. If you are based in London, you are in luck. Our friends from Professional Gardening Services are lawn magicians when it comes to taking care of turf and natural grass.  

From grass trimming and edging to lawn feeding, weed control, and turfing, they can fully maintain the green space on your property. No more spotting, no mowing damage, no excessive weed growth, no uneven grass or bushy edges. External aggressors will be kept at bay and all the basic (and advanced needs) of your grass will be met promptly.


When it comes to garden maintenance, we have to include one of the most important gardening tasks – planting. Planting is an essential step to growing plants and bringing a landscaping plan to life. No matter what the purpose of your garden is, eventually, you have to plant or re-plant something. Even potted plants and lawns require some basic sowing. 

But if you don’t want to get your hands dirty or simply want the garden to turn out great and plants to grow undisturbed, rusting experts are the way to go. Professional Gardening Services can assist with planting, transplanting, starting turf, planting in pots and raised beds, vertical planting, and more. 

Weeding & Pruning

Last but not least, our gardener friends from West London know how to keep a garden weed-free, and trees and bushes healthy. Are you ready to put your green’s well-being first? With gardening services like weeding and pruning, your plants will thrive every season, survive harsh conditions, and welcome new fresh growth.

Removing invasive weeds is key to a beautiful garden with undisturbed plants. It allows them to develop without obstacles and lack of nutrients. At the same time, the pruning process shapes up your plants by cutting off old and deceased parts and overgrowth and stimulates the growth of new buds, leaves, and stems. 

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