Garden maintenance

  • Lawn Care & Mowing

    Even the most basic task of mowing your own grass can prove very tedious!

    Fortunately, keeping your lawn in perfect condition is easier than ever. We provide lawn mowing and care services based on your individual needs.

    Our craftsmen will analyse, plan and deliver quick and effective lawn maintenance whilst staying focused on your vision of the end result! From grass trimming to edging and lawn feeding, we will make sure we achieve what you want with the utmost attention to detail!

  • Hedge trimming

    Professional Gardening Services can transform any leafy mess into an immaculate hedge!

    We work on all types of hedges and provide trimming, shaping, reduction, by using professional tools/equipment to provide precise and accurate trimming for even the most complex projects. Our skilled craftsmen can shape to any specifications using the right tools to give you precise trimming for even the most complex affair!

    We can also offer you advice on the best care and maintenance for healthy and dense looking shrubs!


  • Weeding & Pruning

    Our experts are available in any season to help you with maintaining your garden and keep it in a healthy and blooming condition!

    We can remove undesirable growths, configure and protect your plants, cut away overgrown shrubs and overall improve and care for your green areas!

    Moreover, we are also highly skilled in pruning and tree surgery which are essential for creating shape, developing structure, sufficient drainage and feeding!

  • Planting

    Dreaming of a lawn full of blooming flowers or a nice little fruit and veggies garden? Let us know what is it that you long for and leave the rest to our experts!

    We are here to enrich your garden with all kinds of practical plants for your environment! We can also offer advice on all aspects of keeping this piece of heaven in best conditions! From feeding and positioning to maintenance and care, our trusty landscapers are fully qualified to help you with anything you need to know!

  • Jet Washing

    We offer complete comprehensive cleaning services that will make your outdoor surfaces look as good as new!

    Our professionally trained staff will remove any stubborn stains and build up from your patio, paths and driveway using latest technology equipment! We have the knowledge to restore and maintain your outdoor space in order to provide safe and undamaged surfaces! We can also protect, stabilise and seal your paving achieving outstanding results!

    Price for jet washing is £2.50 per square meter.

  • Garden Clearance

    Our excellent clearance services cover gathering, collection and disposal of all types of garden waste allowing you to reclaim and enjoy an elegant garden space!

    Our dedicated team provides reliable and environmentally friendly garden clearance, rubbish removal and recycling without any hassle for you and without damage to your landscape and property!

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